From Boring Bar Stool to Beautiful With Unicorn SPit

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24 Hours
I took these boring bar stools and made them beautiful again with a fresh coat of paint on the legs and a gorgeous new Unicorn SPiT top.
I sanded this bar stool down with 80 grit paper on an electric sander and hand sanded around the legs. Once she was down to bare wood again we were ready for a new look.
Once sanded the seat was a beautiful light wood ready for Unicorn SPit. I used Molly Red Pepper (2 parts spit 1 part water diluted), Lemmon kiss (1 part spit 1 part water), Zia teal (2 parts spit 1 part water) and White ning (1 part spit 1 part water). I did the press technique... I made wavy line in a horizontal direction of interchanging colors until i was happy with coverage. then I covered with my plastic and sprayed with water, used my hand to spread the spit around until the seat was evenly spit on. (google Unicorn SPiT angel fire video this is the process I followed). I lifted the plastic and once dried I was left with this light SPiT pattern.
Next is where the magic of Unicorn SPiT happens... I sealed the seat with two coats of tung oil, allowing each coat to dry and lightly sanding with 220 sand paper in between coats, and she sprung to life with bold rich color and a dimensional quality she didn't have before.
Next was three coats of Minwax clear gloss polyurethane with drying and sanding as before in between coats to give her a durable shiny finish.
Then all that was left to do was put her back together with a few wood screws and admire her new sassy self from plain Jane to foxy and fun. I can't say enough about this amazing Unicorn SPiT gel stain and glaze it can beautify your world too go to SPiT/ to get your jasmine smelling fun in a bottle today. Another Inspired Designs by Tulip creation.

Suggested materials:

  • Unicorn SPiT gel stain
  • Min Wax clear interior/exterior polyurethane
  • Tung oil
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