Grandmas Time Out Stool

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I have had this stool for years. I had decided to put it out for a lift to one of my plants. We then had our summer visitor come, a little girl, she needed a small stool to sit upon, so back in the house it came. After a few time of sitting on it she told me it hurt her bottom, so I put a folded towel on top. After she left for home, I decided to give it a lift.
Stool as it was. I traced the top and cut out padding from some foam.
I have a lot of scrape fabric. I pressed the fabric, traced the top of stool, allowing 4 inches extra for attaching to bottom of stool. I then cut fabric for skirt an ruffle. After this was complete, and I knew the fabric would fit, all was sewn with machine. The stool was painted in Desert Sand.

Once dry, the fabric was attached with staple gun. I found a large, unused button and covered it too. I then hand sewed the ruffle on top of the skirt to hide the staples 😀
Suggested materials:
  • All materials used were scrap fabric, paint and staples.   (The stool was found years ago at a thrift shop.)
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