How to White Wash Wood

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This video will demonstrate how to white wash wood for a great finish to integrate a mid century modern, French country or farmhouse style to your home.
Step 1: Watch the 2-minute tutorial to inspire your creativity.
Select your Wood for Project
Step 2: Find the piece of wood you want to use for your project. It can be reclaimed wood, pine, oak, etc. This wood finish is best on raw wood. The more weathered and distressed the piece of wood the better for this finish. Thoroughly clean the wood and spritz the entire piece with water for best absorption of the paint. (If the water is not absorbing, give it a quick sand with sand paper and test again. If you buy a new piece of raw wood it could be the mill glaze that is rejecting the water and a quick sand will help.)
White Washed Reclaimed Wood
Step 3: Mix the milk paint at a 3:1 ratio (3 parts water to 1 part paint). This will create a milk paint wash and give the white washed effect. Test the ratio on your piece of wood for desired consistency. You can add more water for a lighter white washed look. Also, you can apply more layers of the white wash for more intensity and more white wash. Make sure the wood is wet and then apply the white milk paint. Paint the entire piece of wood. Spritz more water making sure that any knots you want exposed do not have paint on them.
White Washed Pine
Step 4: Let the piece of wood dry. Check to see if you like the effect and add another coat of milk paint if you want more intensity of white wash. (If you do more coats, add more water to the paint. More layers of thinned down paint is best for this finish. Let dry for each layer.) Each species of wood reacts differently as you can see above in the photos of reclaimed wood and pine. This is a versatile finish that fits well into a mid century modern, French country or farmhouse style room or home.
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Suggested materials:
  • Paint Brush   (Home Depot)
  • Water Spray Bottle   (Home Depot)
  • Miss Mustard Seed Farmhouse White Milk Paint   (Amazon: copy and paste this link:
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