International Beauties

Seems like forever since my last post, so lets not delay and get down to business. The FAT Paint Company has been busy making some new colours. Five new colours arrived last week and another a few weeks back. I was so excited and could hardly wait to try some of the new colours out. What better pieces to use but a couple of press back chairs.
I decided to paint the first chair in Wasabi a stunning green. I thought it would pair well with the black wax allowing the details of the chair to shine. I did do a small amount of sanding to minimize some of the damage to the seat from showing through the paint. I also cleaned the chairs with a vinegar and water solution. Once it was dry I was ready to get the painting started.
Not the best quality picture by far as it was taken with my phone and I must have had my eyes closed. It does however give you a good idea of the detail in the chair
I was quite subtle with the black wax as I didn't want to take away from the beautiful colour of green. I made sure to do a thorough first coat of natural wax and then apply the black wax after. This ensures the ability to erase any excessive black wax.

I had finished the chair and posted it for sale and started on the second one. The most recent shipment of paint which included the newest colours had not arrived yet so I decided to start on it with Pumpkin when a customer came in and purchased the Wasabi coloured chair. She was interested in the other chair as well but the one coat of Pumpkin had her stumped whether is would go with her decor at home. Since I had only one coat on and knew the new colours were on the way I suggested I paint it the new yellow that would be arriving. It was a go! Now to wait for the shipment. I have to admit I was a little nervous as I had only seen the colour online and we all know that depending on your computer colours aren't always as they appear on your screen as they do in person.
The following week the paint arrived and I immediately cracked open a can of Tuscan Sun and started painting. The colour appears a little brighter then it actually is in my opinion. This is one coat and the coverage is fantastic. Two coats was all that was needed.
The chairs turned out fantastic and my customer was thrilled with the new colour. I have to admit I think Tuscan Sun is absolutely gorgeous and so is Wasabi. You have to love the great international names for these colours! Below are the before and afters of each chair.
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