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Have you ever done a furniture makeover then later decided it just wasn’t working for you anymore? That’s what happened to Sandra from Charmed Crown Blog and her dining room table. Thank goodness a little bit of Simplicity and Tough Coat saved the day!
You’re probably thinking what a nut I am for re-working our dining table already. And if you watched my Instagram stories you might have noticed the work that went into it this second time around.

I promise you it was easier than it looked. Unfortunately due to my limited play time, it did take me longer to finish because of the little time I had throughout my work week. Though anyone can basically finish this project in a couple of days if really dedicated to accomplishing the task.

The first time around was a bit easier because I hardly had much to do, or should I say we, since my husband assisted. Plus I simply went over it with the same color black that it was in already originally. I was just beginning in my painting furniture adventure so this was a random act of let’s just get it done, not caring or knowing much about the paint I was using, but at the time it seemed fitting and most original to the paint color the dining table already had.
It’s a solid table and it was a hand-me-down, but a good one at that since it is a Pier1 table. The problem though with this table was that black was not the only color, it had an red undertone since it’s overall look was meant to have a worn rustic look because of the black and red peeking through.

Black just wasn’t working for us in this space anymore because it was feeling dark. With dark floors and not a lot of light the dark table was making it feel even darker. I was willing to live with it a bit longer actually until I noticed that the black coat I had given it in my first makeover post was starting to peel off. This table is basically our everything table, you come in and drop off groceries on it, kids to homework, projects, including myself so yeah, it was only a matter of time and it wasn’t looking that great anymore.

I’m guessing originally they used a red stain underneath the black because even after I stripped the table with Citristrip stripping gel it wasn’t coming off completely.

Here’s what I had to do basically; I followed the instructions for the stripping gel first and let it dry about an hour or so, then I simply grabbed one of our scrapers and got to work.

After a while this what it looked like, of course I took breaks in between and because I simply didn’t have the time to work on it all day and night, within a couple of days I finished stripping it and sanding it. Then I finally got to priming it because even though I was using a chalk paint I did not want the red stain to bleed through. Wasn’t taking any chances.
After this part was done, I finally got to the fun stuff. This time around I knew what I was doing more so than the first time and I wanted chalk paint because its easier to fix with chalk paint if in the future it may need another coat or fix.

Thanks to Country Chic Paint, I was able to use their color Simplicity for this second makeover.
This makeover has made all the difference with the look of this room. Now I’m just looking to either re-doing our metal dining chairs or finding a different more appropriate style chairs for this table. I’m not ready to part this table just yet because it is a quality dining table and has great bones.

I used Country Chic Paint’s Tough Coat on this table because it is used pretty heavily and will last through hardcore wear and tear.
I hope you guys find it just as refreshing as I do to have a lighter color in our dining room and this table already feels like it even weighs less, I’m certain that it will last through our crazy projects, grocery madness, entertaining and so much more. Chalk paint is tough and Country Chic Paint never disappoints, so I have no doubt that this time around it will be long before I decide to work on this table again.
Suggested materials:
  • Citristrip stripping gel
  • Furniture & Home Decor Paint   (Country Chic Paint)
  • Tough Coat   (Country Chic Paint)
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