What to do with open space above cabinets?

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  • FrugalFamilyTimes.com FrugalFamilyTimes.com on Nov 02, 2020

    I've seen a few different things work well. One is to decorate with plants and accessories. Another is to box in the area and add crown moulding to the top - if you paint this the same color as your cabinets it can make them look large and dramatic.

  • There are probably as many options to fill that space as there are kitchens! You can box it in, turn the area into more cabinets, more shelving, decorate it -- it really depends on if you want to make it functional or just decorative. Use the search bar at the top left for lots of good inspiration.

  • Cheryl A Cheryl A on Nov 02, 2020

    On my open space I have just a few items that I like; I have old crocks in different colors, I have ceramic antique chickens, and I have a small birdhouse that belonged to my sister. Some folks like to put silk plants in that area



  • Recreated Designs Recreated Designs on Nov 02, 2020

    Hi, I love filling that space with a mix of plants (either faux or real depending on how much sun you get and how easy it is to water them) and vintage kitchen pieces that I have found. (Ironstone, tins etc...)

  • Kathy Gunter Law Kathy Gunter Law on Nov 02, 2020

    You could enclose the area if you have issues with dust. It's a rather simple enclosure to do by using a high grade plywood or shelving board, something to match your cabinets, and top off with crown molding.

    If you don't mind the dust, you can put a wine rack or decor items.

  • Janice Janice on Nov 02, 2020

    Depending on how much space you have between the top of your cabinets and the ceiling, you can place decorative accessories above such as large vases, metal free-standing sculptures, faux plants, and artwork. I've got a variety of all of those mentioned and get many compliements. It does bring the eye upwards from the kitchen area and I've not found it too time consumig to dust/clean the area perhaps twice a year and change it up a bit as well. It's a good place to show off some kitchen items you don't use but don't want to part with.

  • Deb K Deb K on Nov 02, 2020

    Hi Bea, I put some silk vines on mine, I just take them down once a year and clean them and dust the top of the cupboards.

  • Pat Pat on Nov 02, 2020

    Mother had space above her kitchen cabinets and it was my job to take things down and dust the top of the cupboards. I found out quickly that if I put wax paper down it kept the cupboard tops clean and all I had to do was take the paper down, clean the items on top, and put a new piece of wax paper up there. It doesn't show but makes things a lot easier to clean. I believe mother had some cookie jars up there.

  • Dee Dee on Nov 02, 2020

    You can build a box on the top for storage. Or if you want to leave it open, make sure you use wax paper on the top of the cabinets. Makes for easy cleaning. Just replace when necessary and no worries about grease and dust build up.

  • I use mine for decor. Wax paper or newspaper as a liner for the top of the cabinets makes cleaning easier.

  • Em Em on Nov 03, 2020

    I use it as a show case for items not used a lot. Porcelain spackle wear pot, antique cookie jar, large glass serving bowls you only occasionally use. Be creative and add a few old mason jars.

  • Mogie Mogie on Nov 04, 2020

    Display serving pieces

    Show off a collection

    Display cookbooks

    Store your wine

    Add another shelf

    Set up some art

    Decorate for the holidays