Shabby Chic Cabinet, Blue and Distressed

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Here is a beautiful little cabinet I made. I saw a similar design while walking the mall one day. It was so striking to me that it stayed in the back of my mind. So I eventually got around to it. I really love how it came out. Check out the video for inspiration and ideas...
Here's the video, check it out for inspiration. There's a lot that went into this. It's all handmade from scratch!
Shabby Chic cabinet
So we'll give you a rundown of the steps we took to make this cabinet in the next few photo's...
Framing for the Shabby Cabinet
Here are the front and back sides of the cabinet. It's simple 2x2 wood. Not to mention that I have these boards on hand already. in fact I had all the wood for the project handy. I really love to make stuff. Let's move on...
Cabinet frame glue up
Take a close look at the glue up. This is a basic construction but does have a good amount of little steps so it can come together...but that's like everything in life right? Ok, next...

Basic drawer construction
Here's the drawer. It's a simple construction for a drawer made with 1 x 4s and the bottom is an 1/8 in sheet of ply. Just a little glue, nails and clamps and we're good to go!
I glued up a top for the cabinet. It's made up if 2 1x4s in the middle and boxed in with 4 more 1x4s.
Let's check out the next photo....
painting the cabinet the Shabby Chic way
I went inside to cool off a bit. I live in Florida and it's blistering down here. So I took advantage of the time and painted the cabinet a Shabby Chic Blue and brown...

Little Shabby Chic Cabinet
The cabinet is coming along nicely. I'm just making final adjustments and we're just about done. The latch system I came up with for this piece is a lot of fun to play with and look at. Check out the video for more on this and inspiration in general.
Let's check out the final piece....
Shabby Chic Cabinet Colors
Here it is, a view from the top. Like I mentioned before... this is such a fun furniture piece to own and look at. It will stand out ...guaranteed!!
Shabby Chic Cabinet
Thank you for checking out my work. I hope you like it. I'll catch you next time..
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  • Wood   (Home Depot)
  • Paint   (Home Depot)
  • Brass Hinges   (Home Depot)
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  • Heje Heje on May 29, 2018

    The latch style gives it an old world feel. It is a piece that is unique and useful.