Tutorial, French Typography Transfer! DIY!

Easy Peasy tutorial on how to transfer french typography onto wood!
I get asked all the time how I do my french typography transfers, so I have made this step by step tutorial on how I do it! Enjoy! Any questions plz feel free to ask!
I had this plain jane boring kitchen cart that had a wood top and between working on customs I decided to add a graphic to it!
I sanded it down and then stained with Minwax Antique Walnut, you can of course pick whatever stain you like!
I got all my supplies together, graphic, graphite paper, pencil or pen and paint pen in black
As you can tell I have used this graphic alot! I got my graphic at www.thegraphicsfairy.com! You will need to make it big enough to fit your space you are transferring onto! Go to www.blockposters.com and make it as big as you want, i only wanted to use 2 pages! Save it and print out on your home printer! No need to reverse image or leave the house to have printed!!
This is the graphite paper I use, you can get it at Michaels, comes in 2 sizes, i always get the biggest which is 18x24 and they can be used a whole bunch before they are no good! Sweet!
Paint pens!! Best thing since sliced bread!! You can get these at walmart (cheapest), Michaels, Joanns and Hobby Lobby! Don't forget to use coupons to save even more!!
Measure and line up where you want your image to transfer, put graphite paper under your image, shiny side down and start tracing with either your sharp pencil or pen!
As you can see there is a faint outline of the image once you have traced it (it is darker in person i promise!)
Using your paint pens fill in all that you traced and voila!! You have a fantastic french graphic!! Easy Peasy!
Seal with a good sealer, for this i used a semi gloss urethane spray by helsman! Oooh shiny! It will also resist chips, water and sun fade!
And here she is all finished! Not boring anymore!!
Thanks for viewing! I hope you like and share!!
Roz xoxo

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