Giving the Laundry Room Some Love!

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My laundry room was the last room in my condo that I made over. It was so very drab, but I didn't want to replace the cabinets and I truly did not want to paint them. Still, I had to give in and give everything a fresh coat of paint. So much happier with it now!
The "Before" picture. The walls are builder grade tan because someone bought this condo and flipped it. The whole place was this color. Bleh.
I've since gotten new floors (picture below), but I painted the whole room white. I removed all the cupboard doors, wiped them down with the deglosser provided in the Rustoleum Furniture Transformation kit, and then lightly sanded. I wiped them down with cheesecloth to remove all the dust. I used a paint sprayer on the doors which I had set up in the garage. This gives a really nice, smooth finish, but honestly, I used a really good (Purdy) brush on the frames and they don't look any different--it's just a slower process. I had (2) 2"x4"x4' pieces of lumber in the garage which I straddled between two ladders and screwed screws in them so they could hold the doors off the wood. I didn't have to bend over them, which was nice. It's very humid here in Georgia and it helps not to have things lying on a dropcloth on the floor, but to have air circulating around them. I finished with a clear satin finish topcoat and replaced the door handles to some very pretty clear glass and stainless steel ones.
You can opt to "age" the cabinets by using the provided product for that, but I wanted a clean look, so I left it off. I'm very happy with that decision. (And yes, that thing holding my shoes is a wine rack.) Love my happy yellow door! (You can't tell, but there's yellow in the rug.) . The mailbox holds lint from the dryer because I had a dog that ate the lint in the wastebasket! Bleck! I had this mailbox sitting in my garage, so I used it for the lint (lined it with an empty cereal box, cut to fit).
About 18 months prior to this, I had run across these fantastic oak pallets next to someone's garbage can in my sub. I took all three and this is one of them which I painted the same color(called "Seaside") as the cabinets. I hung a stainless steel basket on one of the rungs which has a small colorful pot in it (not pictured here) and holds my detergent pods. There is room in the basket next to the small pot for my dryer sheets. Very convenient! I attached hooks for my collapsible laundry basket, scissors and electric broom. Off the floor and neatly stored. You can't see it, but there is a coat rack on the wall that makes the (very small) pantry. This is the entryway from my garage and everyone uses it!
And this is the final look with the new flooring. Don't mind leaving the door open now! : )

Suggested materials:

  • Furniture Transformation (Rustoleum) paint (Seaside)   (Home Depot)
  • Door handles   (Home Depot)
  • Rug   (Target)

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