Basket With Handles for My Crochet Project

2 Materials
30 Minutes
I am moving from room to room and like to keep my projects organized so I can take them with me. I had this dollar store basket left over from some gift baskets, so I wanted to put it to good use. I can easily take it with me on long drives. The fabric was added to the basket so the yarn would not get frayed or damaged.
Dollar store basket with handles.
A scrap of fabric I had in the sewing drawer. Measure the top row on your basket and be sure your fabric is at least 4 inches longer than the measurement. You can always trim it after weaving it into the basket.
Snip into the fabric about 2 inches. Continue at 2 inch intervals or widths. My basket has six rows of holes, so I cut six 2 inch strips. This is cotton fabric, so once you have the snip into the fabric about 2 inches, grab the loose end and just rip it loose, it will stay at a 2 inch width.
This is the first strip. Before you begin weaving, just fold it in half lengthwise, frayed end down.
Starting at the bottom of the basket, begin weaving in and out of the holes. Begin where you want to have the knots finish.
when complete, tie the ends together with a knot.
View inside the basket.
Continue working up the basket. For the final row, I made that strip about six inches longer.
I tied a bow in the top row, just to add some more style. I also decided I really didn't like the knots showing up on the other rows, so I tucked them in and trimmed them off.
A view of the back of the basket.
Loading my yarn.
Loaded my current project, I am ready to go anywhere with it.
It looks so much nicer in my TV room. And it doesn't take up space to n the chair or table.

Suggested materials:

  • Dollar Store Basket with Handles   ($1 Store)
  • 12x46 inch piece of cotton fabric   (Sewing Room)

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  • Glenda Glenda on Aug 13, 2017
    How much fabric does one need for each basket please?


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  • Nancy Ludwig Nancy Ludwig on Aug 23, 2017
    That is a funny coincidence.

  • Sharon Robel Sharon Robel on Aug 24, 2017
    This is nice with the fabric. I have seen these baskets made with yarn also. My friend made one using leftover yarns. It took several rounds to fill the hole and it was cute when finished. She hung it by one handle on a coat rack by the back door so the kids could throw their knit caps and gloves in it. You can get the baskets with smaller openings in shapes of squares or retangles. These are easier to fill in.