Crown Bed Canopy Makeover

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what if we make a beautiful princess room for our little princess without spending a lots of money? I've got the bed, the princess accessories but I badly wanted the crown canopy over the headboard. When i was browsing online i was shocked by the prices. They were much over my budget. I was thinking about the different possibilities to make my own crown, until I’ve seen one on facebook market place. It wasn’t the colors I wanted, but was a 20 inches width crown and has a rod for the curtains. I bought it for 25$ and shopped some supplies for my magical crown. I couldn’t wait to make it and surprise my 4 years old daughter who dream about princesses and unicorns every second.


This crown has very punchy for my taste, my daughter loves pink everywhere, but sorry it is too much pink and purple for me. It has a good size, 20 inches, pretty big, but perfect for her twin bed.

A crown can be anything, a shelve, a piece of sturdy cardboard or a piece of wood. Just adjusted as you like to be.

The back has a rod. If you make your own crown, even with a shelve from hobby lobby you can add a thin rod in the back to hang the drapery.

I Sprayed with white spray first. Just the front.

I added a glitter spray to have a kind of light shimmery gold effect. And then i sealed with a sealer.

I’m using only sprays because it has a better control on shapes and faster to apply.

the glitter looks like this.

Some gems And pearls for decoration. Ive got that from cvs pharmacy they were at 1$. Nice find right!


every this were self adhesive, but i added some hot glue to secure them.

I used hot glue to hang the sheer pink curtains.

The white curtains had leashes already.

I added some pink flower to the pink curtains with hot glue.

To be accurate, i copied with a paper and a pencil where were the hooks.

Final result. I ordered on amazon a fairy light and hanged them to the canopy to add even more magic.

Watch the video for more details.

Suggested materials:

  • Crown bed canopy   (Facebook market place)
  • Paint   (Michaels)
  • Gems and pearls   (Cvs pharmacy)
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  • Michelle Michelle on Dec 06, 2020

    Its Beautiful......she’s your only daughter right? Yeah I did all that stuff and more for my daughter and then she turned 12 and puberty hit, now s she’s 14 and has probably gained 30 lbs, she’s in all honors classes at 8th grade and she’s failing all 4 of them bc it’s all virtual where I live, I’m just lost she doesn’t talk to me since I took her phone.....I’m sorry I had a mom meltdown in the middle of this I’m so sorry . I betcha your daughter LOVES her bedroom it’s a princess bed, but it is a little crooked or is it just the way the picture is? Idk beautiful job!!


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  • Hinda Hinda on Jan 12, 2021

    Thank you so much for your nice comment this is exactly my goal when I decorated her room. And believe me we all still young girls in our hearts, we do still love pink and unicorns hhhh

  • April April on Mar 31, 2021

    Love this! And i appreciate the tips included like tracing with a pencil where to hang on the wall.

    • Hinda Hinda on Apr 14, 2021

      Thank you, sometimes it’s different to figure out how to hand stuff.