Headboard Makeover

Melisa Gingrich
by Melisa Gingrich
Updating a 90's headboard to a sleek contemporary look.
Do you guys remember this ever so popular bedroom set, "Fontane by Broyhill"? Heck, even Raymond and Debra had the set on Everybody Loves Raymond. Well, I needed a headboard for my son's room but if you know me you'd know I don't buy new furniture often. I buy used and do a make-over. Well I got this headboard at a yard sale and decided to make it more manly for my 18 year old. I filled in the cut-outs with some pallet wood that I glued onto the back to stabilize the thin plywood I upholstered. I used a basket weave, zig zag vinyl fabric and put a button right in the middle to give it character. I think it makes a huge difference in his room (I painted the walls last month).
Here are some pictures of the process. I cut some pallet wood to fit in the empty spaces so that the thin piece of plywood wouldn't bow when leaned against it.
I glued them down and ran screws through the back.
I taped together two paper bags and taped them onto the headboard.
I used a pizza cutter to map my pattern.
I cut the pattern and laid it on the thin sheet of plywood and cut it with a jigsaw.
I added Styrofoam and cut it to former with an electric knife. I used spray adhesive to glue the foam to the board, them covered the foam with batting and again used the spray adhesive between the two layers. I laid the 2 pieces of vinyl that I had sewn together, added the button I covered and stapled it to the back.
Then after I painted the bed I attached the upholstered foam with screws from the back.
I love the pattern of the vinyl.
I think it looks beautiful in my son's room!
One last thing, the back had boards that I was afraid would scratch the wall that I worked so hard to paint so I added left over pieces of foam and stapled them on.
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  • Jean E Miller Jean E Miller on May 15, 2016
  • Jud21674511 Jud21674511 on Mar 20, 2017
    Did you strip the paint prior to making it black? In the first picture the wood appears to be a darker oak color. Then the next pictures show headboard to be a light oak with white dusted into the crevices to bring out detail. I am curious how much prep work you did?
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  • Peg Peg on May 15, 2016
    Wow.....that is fantastic!
  • I think you've also given people ideas with the scrap wood ... I LOVE the rustic look of just adding that! But I understand a teen boy, not so much. Thanks for sharing!
    • Shirley4 Shirley4 on Jun 17, 2016
      I was thinking the same thing. What if you filled in that little scrolly flowery design with wood filler and sanded it smooth. Painted the whole thing either white or black. Distressed it... and then filled in with the pallet wood. Hmmmm.... | Overall this is an AWESOME project with lots of different possibilities!