Fireplace Transformation

2 Weeks
After foot surgery 2 years ago, and staring at the face of my fireplace for 10 weeks, I knew I had to change it. This 1990 design did nothing for the room, the wall and the fireplace.
So goodbye trim and tile! The tile was a bear to remove. Tearing off some of the drywall and it being glass caused it to splinter, leaving little pieces of glass everywhere. Gloves, safety glasses, shoes and long pants and sleeves are necessary.
I covered the damage with a skim coat compound and let it dry for 24 hours.
To reface the front I used pine car siding. It's easy tounge and groove. Very expensive, maybe $18 a package, I got 5 just incase.
Already I'm lovin' it! Now for the stain. I chose a cherry, let it soak in and wiped it clean. Then added a dark walnut for depth.
While visiting my daughter I picked up this mantle for $25! It's hand made and solid. It was a light stain, but painted it black to match the frame of the fireplace.
I'm not the best at mitering so I stained inexpensive wood applicays from Hobby Lobby and attached to each corner of trim to finish the corners.
I added corner panels in the dining room to have the look flow in both rooms.
My brother-in-law gave me a huge buffet to refinish, but it was so big I never thought I would sell it. So another sleepless night and the lightbulb went on!
Who needs a whole buffet when you can only use half!! I cut it down to 10"s. Reinforced it, took the top of the cabinet and attached it with a piano hing to use the cabinet for storage. A little paint, stain, car sidding, more applicays and here is what I came up with! Not only is my fireplace complete but the room is now cozy and the fireplace is the focal point it deserves to be.
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