Gorgeous Tv Tray Makeover - With Unicorn Spit and Famowood

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TV trays are fun and inexpensive makeover projects!
I got this tv tray at a garage sale for $2. I knew it was a candidate for a makeover with unicorn spit. Plus my husband was asking for something like this so he could eat while watching football...Go figure...
I made some black chalk paint with calcium carbonate powder and painted the underside and top of the tray.
The black is a nice base for your unicorn spit colors. I go for deep jewel tone colors usually. White chalk paint would work well for lighter tones if that's your preference.
I mixed up some zia teal, purple hill majesty, and patina colors in my spray bottles. The ratio I used was one part spit to 7 parts water.
First I sprayed purple on a mist setting.
Then I sprayed bolts of zia teal and patina over the purple mist.
Using a straw I blew the colors around to soften the edges and blend the colors. I sprinkled some turquoise glitter all over the top while the spit was still wet.
Next I mixed up some Famowood glaze coat to seal the top. This was the first time I had used this product so I was a little nervous. Follow the directions exactly and everything will be fine.
I used marked cups I got at my local paint store and make sure you use gloves. Epoxy is very sticky.
I mixed the epoxy according to directions. I put a large piece of cardboard on the floor, covered that with a sheet of painters plastic, and set the tv tray on that. I poured the epoxy in the middle of the top of the tv tray and used a plastic grout spreader to spread it evenly all over the top. You don't want to overwork the epoxy by using multiple strokes spreading it out - try to do one or two strokes at most to move it to the edges. As the epoxy drips over the sides use your gloved hands to spread the drips out underneath. You could also tape plastic to the underside to minimize the drips but I skipped this step. If you see any bubbles in your epoxy you can pop them with a heat gun. I had my husband pick me up the one pictured above at Menards - $20 I think.
Suggested materials:
  • TV tray   (Garage sale)
  • Unicorn spit   (Online vendors)
  • Latex paint sample   (Ace Hardware)
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