How To Slipcover An Ottoman

Today, I will show you how to slipcover an ottoman. It may be more appropriate to say “I will show you how I slipcovered an ottoman”. Sewing a pillow cover is basically sewing 4 straight lines. Think of an ottoman like a pillow, but in 3D.
I made a little diagram for you to refer to. The colored lines correspond with the number in the order you pin and sew the panels together. The red lines are step 1, the blue lines are step 2 and the green lines are step 3.
Place the top fabric panel on the top of the ottoman with the right side facing down. Place the side panel(right side facing in) on the side of the ottoman. Pin the top and side panel together following the line of the ottoman. Once you are done, you should have a straight line of pins.
Turn the fabric right side down and pin the side panels together and sew them together.
To hem the bottom, put the slipcover back on the ottoman right side out and turn the fabric a 1/2″ seam around all four sides pinning as you go. Remove the slipcover and iron the hem removing the pins as you go. You should have a nice crisp edge to work with. Place the slipcover back on the ottoman (right side out) and turn the fabric under a 1/2″ and pin around all four sides and press in place. Sew the hem close to the folded edge. Folding the extra 1/2′ before sewing creates a better reinforced hem.
After: The fit is a little on the snug side but it is okay. In terms of difficulty putting the slipcover on, I would say it is like putting on a tight pair of jeans. Once it is on the ottoman it looks fine.
Kristine(Teeny Ideas)
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