Giant Framed Pegboard - Easy & Pretty!

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I've been hard at work on my craft room and knew I wanted a big pegboard. But I wanted it to look GOOD, too! So I created a large, painted and framed pegboard with cute flower rosettes in the corner.

Measure your wall and cut your pegboard so it's about 1" narrower and 1" shorter than you want it to be when finished. We used a table saw, but you could use a handsaw or just get your local home improvement store to cut it on their panel saw.
Paint your pegboard. I used Valspar "Green Charm" (5008-8A) interior satin paint and I did two coats.
Once your paint is dry, spray it with acrylic sealer and allow to dry.
Prime your four wood rosettes.
Paint the flowers in the rosettes to match your decor.
Once all the paint and sealer was dry (about 24 hours), glue the moulding and rosettes to the front of the pegboard with heavy-duty construction adhesive.
Note that you want to center your rosettes between your moulding for the best and most balanced look. Your moulding and rosettes should overhang your pegboard by about 1/2″ on all sides—this is intentional, as it provides a cleaner edge when you are finished.
Weigh down all edges of your moulding and rosettes with heavy things (like books) to make sure it dries in place and in contact. We waited 24 hours to allow the glue to fully set.
Measure and mark your wall where you want your pegboard to hang. Once marked, find the studs in your wall and mark them. Now attach mounting boards (we used 1/2″ x 2″ x 50″ pine boards) to your wall with drywall screws.
Hold up your framed pegboard and screw it through the mounting board and into your wall in several places (we did five screws, top and bottom).
Wood fill over the screw holes and touch up with paint.
Enjoy your awesome giant painted and framed pegboard!
I filled mine up giant pegboard with lots of my tool and supplies!
If you want to see what each item is on my giant pegboard, just match it up to the number in my blog post at
Suggested materials:
  • A white wood pegboard sized to fit your space (mine is 38″ tall by 77″ wide)   (Home improvement store)
  • Two long narrow, long boards about 1/2″ thick to support your pegboard (I used 1/2″ x 2″ x 50″ pine boards)   (Home improvement store)
  • White moulding (I used 3.25″ wide by 7 feet long white MDF moulding)   (Home improvement store)
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