5 Back to School Mom Hacks

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School is coming back soon and is back for some already. Here are some TIPS on how to stay ORGANIZE for the BACK TO SCHOOL SEASON!!!
Here are my 5 Back to School Hacks for Moms.
Hack #1 Create a Family Command Center in your home to keep your family in sync with each other and organized.
Hack #2 Create a Backpack station for your kiddos to have a place to put all their things at home where it will be easy to find in the mornings and keep the house clean and organized.
Hack #3 if your kiddos like to do their homework in the kitchen like mine do, then create a drawer in the kitchen that has all the supplies your kiddos will need to complete their homework assignments.
Hack #4 create a Kids Cabinet in your kitchen to keep all the things your kiddos use to pack their school lunches.
Hack #5 Prepack all your kiddo's snacks and lunches so that it makes lunch packing easier during the week.
Here is a video on my 5 Back to School Mom Hacks
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