DIY Cactus Storage Jar

5 Materials
90 Minutes
This fun DIY cactus storage jar is perfect for storing knick knacks or office supplies! Make your own today and dress up a tiny space in your home with this fun and useful decorative DIY!
Want to make your own DIY cactus storage jar? Be sure to check out the original blog post for this DIY project at Soap Deli News blog here for more information. In the meantime, keep reading to learn how I made my DIY cactus storage jar!

Begin by kneading a chunk of original white Sculpey polymer clay in your hands until it's soft. Then press the clay firmly into a cavity of a silicone cactus mold. Remove any excess clay from the top of the mold so that the clay is flush with the edge of the mold.
Remove the clay shaped cactus from the mold. If you have trouble removing the clay cactus from your mold, set the clay aside for a bit to allow it to firm back up, then remove.
Next, knead some more of your white clay. Use this clay to cover the top of the metal lid to your storage jar. Thin out the clay on the metal lid so it is about the same thickness as your clay cactus.

Once you've covered the metal lid with clay to your liking, scoop out a small hole in the center. Place the clay cactus into the hole on top of the lid then use your fingers or a utensil to move the surrounding clay on the jar lid to hold the cactus in place.

Bake the decorated lid in a 275°F oven for about 30 minutes on a baking sheet. Then remove the cactus lid from the oven and allow to cool.
Once the cactus lid has cooled, use craft paints to paint the cactus and base as desired. Follow with a clear acrylic sealer.
Fill your DIY cactus storage jar with rings or knick knacks.
Then screw on the lid to your jar.
Use your DIY cactus storage jar to decorate a small space, bookshelf or desk in your home!
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Suggested materials:

  • White original Sculpey polymer clay
  • Silicone cactus mold
  • Craft paints
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Rebecca D. Dillon
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