Fairy House From a Stump

by Victoria
Old rotten tree stump in the yard becomes surprise for grand children
Old tree stump at the edge of the pond bothered me. I couldn't get anyone to cut it down so one day I decided to disguise it. I turned it into a fairy house for the grand daughters to discover.
I added a living roof of succulents and added pieces of wood with lichen, old dried toadstools and moss.
Everything used to build the house was found on the property, in tool boxes, wood scraps, plumbing pieces and jewelry making supplies.
I screwed the little door shut and this bothers the girls. They don't understand why the fairies keep the door locked.
Painted plywood windows screwed to the tree.
living roof
Can't wait till the moss grows.
Swinging bridge from Popsicle sticks
the lawn
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  • MagnoliaMemories MagnoliaMemories on Feb 26, 2018

    Spectacular and so creative! I love the idea of using old pipes and other things you found. That makes it so interesting. Love the living roof. Life should be magical for children. You have truly captured the magic and enchantment of fairies! Your grand-daughters are blessed to have you!

    We have several stumps on our property and I've made plans to create fairy houses. I'm going to make the front door functional and there will be an inner door that is locked. There will always be a tiny note to my grandchildren from the fairies. I always thought that would be fun.

  • Belle Jaeger Belle Jaeger on Dec 30, 2018

    ❤️ a dreamer after my own heart!