How to Install a Sprinkler System

Installing a sprinkler system to water grass and plants in your own backyard is a project any homeowner can accomplish.
First, you will need to connect to your water supply, install a backflow prevention device, and put in irrigation valves you can read how to do that in my post on Installing Irrigation Valves .
Then dig trenches for the sprinkler pipes. You can rent a trencher or dig them with a shovel and pick axe. We made a fun time lapse video of digging the trenches. You can watch it on the original blog post.
Next connect your first PVC pipe to the sprinkler valves.
Cut the pipe where you want your first fitting. This is a double tee fitting, so it has 4 openings. One end is the pipe connected to the valve box, one end continues straight, one end goes to the right, and the last opening has a sprinkler head attached.
Here you can see the pipe to the right with two more sprinkler heads attached. This will be the west side of the lawn.
I should add that all of the pipe, fittings, and sprinkler head are glued together with PVC pipe cement.
Once the sprinklers are all installed, give them day or two to dry, and then test the whole system for leaks before. Turn them on, even though it will just water dirt, so make sure everything works correctly.
Bury the whole system, and your ready for a lawn! You can read how we put in our lawn at my post How to Choose and Lay Sod.

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  • Rock Rock on May 28, 2020

    I can do it all myself except I’m not sure where to tap into main water line to install the back flow preventer.

    just by the meter that’s in the ground already, or100’ away up by the house where main enters??

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