Kitchen Chic Wind Chime

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Using a steamer, kitchen utensils and some glass nuggets and beads, I created a one-of-a-kind wind chime.
Deciding on the center/support piece was easy enough. I found an old steamer at the same "junique" store I got the rest of the stuff. All tolled, it was less than 1.50 for everything.
Using my trusty 10 lb test line, I picked 8 things to put on it, then the center was the wine bottle opener. I have a whisk, nut cracker, tongs, beater, bread maker beater, bottle openers, melon baller, and veggie peeler.

I then used some beads, faux pearls, and gathered two of the folds together and strung the line through a common hole in the bottom.
I then picked out 8 nuggets and used E-6000 glue overnight to cover/close the spaces left between the folds that weren't used. I might find something that dries quicker from now on.

As you can see it came out kinda "fun and funky" but I like it. Hope you do too!

COMING SOON: I have designed and am building a stand to work on these that will allow me to sit and hang them so they are easier to work on. Will post the directions and such when it's done later this week. N-JOY!!
Suggested materials:
  • Steamer, kitchen utensils listed   (New to You, Sutherlin OR)
  • 10 lb test line, E-6000 glue, glass nuggets and clothes pins   (Had at home)
  • Faux pearls and beads   (Had at home)
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  • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Aug 01, 2016
    This really is one of a kind! Love it!

    • Sandra Allen Sandra Allen on Aug 01, 2016
      Thank you. I live close to a senior mobile home estate and they love their wind chimes. I am going to make some more and try and sell them.

  • Lori Johnson Lori Johnson on Dec 21, 2018

    You know???? That would be an inventive, and cute, way for me to clean out some of my kitchen drawer clutter. Then if I find I need something, I'll know where to look. LOL I love it! We have 2 or 3 duplicates of pretty much everything. Drawers look fierce.

    • Sandra Allen Sandra Allen on Dec 21, 2018

      It is fun to declutter. I find most of the things I create with at thrift stores. Everything you see on this was under .50 each!! I am glad you like it!