Pallet Planter

My husband cut two pallets in half and joined them. He put a board on top for the shelf. I traced arcs on top of the "pickets" and he cut and sanded them to shape. We were going to paint it, but we love weathered wood and rusty nails! So we left this one as-is. With another 50 or so pallets sitting out back in the shop, we will make more!
I added the little candle holder with the glass insulator to the front, and there are two small cobalt votive holders tucked inside the base; they cast really lovely shadows at night when the candles are lit!
I have visions of painting one in our version of "patriotic" colors: barn red, deep blue, off-white - and then just blue and white on the other side, maybe with our house number painted on it - so I'm eager to get started on another one! Kevin used long staples (air gun) and drywall screws to hold this together.
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