Four Ways to Kill Weeds With Everyday Items

Nothing ruins a pristine yard faster than a bunch of crabgrass, but store-bought weed killers can pack a serious chemical punch! This spring, try killing weeds with household products – you'll save some cash and avoid harmful toxins.
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Newspaper. If weeds have popped up on your lawn, smother them with newspaper! Wet a few pages of newspaper and place the sheets directly on top of the weeds. Then place a few scoops of mulch over the moist newspaper.
Vodka. That bottom-shelf bottle of vodka that somehow got into your liquor cabinet may not be good for Cosmos, but it'll make a great weed killer.
White Vinegar. White vinegar is dirt cheap (about five cents per ounce) and an effective weed killer, plus you probably already have some in your home!
Boiling Water. Use a kettle or microwave to boil at least a cup of water (more if you're targeting a big clump-o-weed) and then quickly but safely head outside – you want the water to still be boiling!
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  • Angee Lening Angee Lening on Jun 20, 2013
    Baking soda nuetralizes the PH in the soil and will kill everything. Make sure you hit what you aim for and treat the soil with something later to increase the PH balance.

  • Jennifer Jennifer on Mar 03, 2015
    If the white vinegar gets on you flowers will it kill them also?