How do I get rid of ants 🐜 in the kitchen? I don't leave food out and I keep the counters clean but they keep coming ❗️😬

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  • Elaine Elaine on Sep 09, 2017
    In my last house, around June of every year, no matter what I did (clean cupboards, etc.) I had ants. They liked the area under the kitchen sink and also at the front of one of our garage doors. I simply bought ant traps from the dollar store ($2.00 for a 3-pack) and they worked like a charm. Then next year, I'd just repeat the process.

  • DesertRose DesertRose on Sep 09, 2017
    The easiest way to rid yourself of ants is cornmeal. It kills them. Put it where you see ants trailing in and out and if you can find the colony hole where they go down in the ground. They take cornmeal back to the queen and the colony dies. It may take a few days until they all have eaten it. We use Jiffy because it is sweet and they are really attracted to it. One box will last for 5 applications if you put a good amount out each time. It is cheap (34 cents at our store), safe for children and pets, and safe for the environment. Best of all, it works! We tried everything from poison, bait, everything. This was the only thing we found truly works. I keep Jiffy in my pantry just for the ants that appear ever spring and are gone just as quickly!

  • Lonna Lonna on Sep 09, 2017
    The best I've ever used is HOMEPLUS Ant killer. Check Amazon or your local hardware store.

  • Gayle Deas Gayle Deas on Sep 09, 2017
    Depends on what type of ants. Best all-around I have found is Terro and you can get it almost any place. Works on both sweet and protein eating ants.

  • B. Enne B. Enne on Sep 09, 2017

  • Babette Babette on Sep 09, 2017
    I hate ants! And I've tried many things to get rid of them. I could that and to any bait traps work best. They work inside or outside and can be put where ever . It'll take a couple of days but it has worked great for me. Even in the bathroom where I've had them come through the faucet!

  • Pen16946733 Pen16946733 on Sep 09, 2017
    Baby powder works like a dream!

  • Alberta Coulter Alberta Coulter on Sep 09, 2017
    I use Terro liquid ant bait. They will swarm the stuff, but in a few days will be gone.

  • I use packaged cornbread mix that says it is sweetened and put it where they are. They will take it to the mound, everyone will eat it and die, they can't digest the cornmeal, but will take it because it is sweetened. Little goes a long way.

    I read this from : Itsmemic

    Medicated powder from the Dollar Tree. It has eucalyptus in it...menthol...I puff it around my homes foundation..and inside under my birdcages in the cracks under moldings. Work immediately and they never come back. I do this at the first sign of one day..GONE. The powder is in a very large container and lasts quite awhile too !! And smells great !

    Not toxic to my birds OR dog

    What if you make a barrier around the house.

    I did some research, since we know what works for one person doesn't always work for another. I found this site and it's pretty informative. I know some tips you may not be able to use but there are some good ones also that will hopefully help.

    Ants are so weird. One time I found them inside the freezer in the garage!! What would possess them to go inside a freezer only to die? They must have sent signals back or something ~ there were no ant trails only a freezer full of dead ants. Hasn't happened since.

    Ant Spray -