How do I get rid of poison ivy?


Have tried everything!!? Poison ivy everywhere no matter what is tried. My daughter is highly allergic to it and makes going outside risky. We had trees cut back where it was growing in like vines. Need some good suggestions.

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  • Mad29883817 Mad29883817 on Apr 12, 2019


  • Mary Mary on Apr 12, 2019

    try a heavy soak of vinegar

  • Gk Gk on Apr 12, 2019

    Round Up for Poison Ivy works well. It is a stronger formula than the regular Round Up. I have to use it every year and over time the amount of poison ivy I have in my yard is growing smaller. I am normally not a fan of using chemicals like Round Up but ridding the property of poison ivy is necessary.

  • Dwp7470b Dwp7470b on Apr 12, 2019

    Due to circumstances with Roundup and it's notorious Carcinogenic reactions, I definitely agree with Mary:

    Chemical burn is among the better options.

    Especially at the Roots.

    If that doesn't work you need to cut it low, and may need to either:

    A. control burn or

    B. Chemical Burn

    at the roots after cutting back and down the Ivy and digging around affected trees with a pitchfork.

    Chemical burn is recommended and safest for the tree.

    For controlled burn you need:

    1. a pressure washer to wet the area you don't want burned and as a safeguard against spread

    2. A mix of water with arm and hammer baking powder for the pressure wash

    3. A hose to attach to the pressure washer of a length suffice

    4. A Permit or permission to do the controlled burn

    5. Any sort of flammable fluid to burn the ivy at the roots.

    6. Protective eyewears

    For Chemical Burn:

    1. Any harsh acid like: Drano Crystals mixed with any cheap $2 degreaser or detergent will create something bubbly & sticky that these Ivy (or anything else) cannot ingest safely.

    2. Repeat weekly until the ivy is dead.

    Of course because ivy does leave sprigs, to grow again, any problem with it returning is always in the Cleanup of the Area surrounding, not complete or thorough.

    You can use charcoal around the tree to burn these sprigs or use extra chemicals to create a toxic environment where these cannot grow, but do know: Killing Ivy without Clearing the Area of all sprigs will result a Repeated Problem just like plucking Dandelion Roots after Mowing the Flowers results a repeated problem.

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Apr 13, 2019

    Round up is safe if you use precautions. The cancer was found in people who worked with it daily for years with no precautions when working for landscaping and yard work companies. Gloves are important part, as well as not using it in windy conditions where it will blow back at you or breath it in. Occasional use will not harm you. If it works great for you, use it, it is a necessary thing to get rid of the poison ivy for your daughters health.

  • Seth Seth on Apr 13, 2019


    We had the same problem when we moved into an older home with an established yard. The perimeter of the lawn and wooded area was completely overgrown with p.i., both ground growth and tree vines. I paid a p.i. removal specialist to pull it up, roots and all, and dispose of it. That was the only way I could get ahead of it. I did not want to use a large amount of chemicals. Now I just spot treat it wherever I see it popping up. It was worth every penny.

  • Dee Dee on Jul 14, 2021

    If you live in a hot climate like Texas, the dollar weed goes away on its own in August.