Rid my garden of cucumber beetles?


Hi ! I recently moved and found a local community garden ! I was very excited to be able to have my 1st garden . The only spots left were fixer uppers , where I had to build my own fence ( for 1 side ) and a door/gate . I set it up , had the land tilled and started my seeds and plantings . Most of my plants and herbs I did in containers , but beside the tomato plants that I put in the ground , I planted around the edges of the garden . Well , my pumpkins were doing good until 2 days ago , when I saw the leaves were being eaten by beetles. I looked them up and they are cucumber beetles ...HELP !!!!!

I am trying to keep an organic garden , does anyone know some natural solutions ??? I have ordered Neem oil and am awaiting it's delivery this week . Yesterday afternoon , I went back to the garden and sprayed the affected plants with a soapy water solution and sprinkled cayenne pepper on the leaves and ground...I will see how that worked this morning when I head over to the garden . Looking for natural remedies ...Thanks!!!!

q rid my garden of cucumber beetles
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