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Hello everybody! I made a small pond in my yard without breaking the bank! I want to show you how I did this
First, I started with a hollow concrete sphere. Now I know y'all have seen them all over Pinterest, but I did mine a little different. I started with one if those giant balls from Wal-Mart ($3)
Now, I know I screwed up because I didn't get any pictures of the process, but I'm gonna try to talk my way through this.
You mix your Portland cement with sand (about 50/50) and mix with water a little at a time till you get a thick slurry, like a thick batter. Now, this is the part I did differently, I used quilt batting! I propped up my ball, hole side down, on a bucket. Then I put the batting (which I had cut in roughly 5" strips) and put them in the concrete mix until completely saturated. Work it around in the mix really well, then drape over the ball. I did this, overlapping, until the ball was covered almost all the way down to where the ball meets the bucket. Then I left it, covered in a plastic bag, in a shady spot in my yard. I then used the remaining concrete and made these little pavers.
Then I dug my hole. I picked a spot in my yard that didn't get a whole lot of sun so I could put in some shade loving plants and some fish (eventually) that won't get cooked!
$11 Pond form
I used paver sand to make sure my hole was nice and level and secure. I inserted my form and I covered the sides with broken slate tiles which I glued in place. I filled the bottom of the pond with the remaining paver sand, which I rinsed clean in a pillow case as a make shift filter.
Filled pond with water and hooked up the pump. I used a clear piece of hose I found at orchard supply for .49 a foot. I got a couple plants at a local nursery for $1.49. The rest of them, the reeds and the moneywart, came from the river. That's it! I'm gonna let it run for a few days before I put any fish in there.
Clear hose
Little trickle has a lovely sound

Suggested materials:

  • Portland cement   (Lowes (clearance because it was torn open))
  • Big bouncy ball   (Walmart)
  • Pond form   (Lowes ($11!!))
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  • Stelmour450 Stelmour450 on May 22, 2018

    Adorable! Would you have a video of this?

  • Cheryl Gillman Cheryl Gillman on May 29, 2018

    This is absolutely brilliant!!

    How deep did you have to dig the hole for the pond? And do you know what size pump you used?


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