Hot Tub Update

2 Materials
3 Hours

So last year we purchased a lay z spa inflatable hot tub which was a great idea - but we live in Ireland and don’t get much hot weather - so that means the water is going to lose its heat a lot quicker if it’s sitting on concrete and not insulated - so Ned (our carpenter) built us a deck with an insulated hot tub surround (using kingspan insulation boards on the sides and the underneath of the decking) and pergola with a Perspex roof

So I wish I could take credit for that - but I can’t!!! That’s neds hard work!

but anyway we have finally gotten around to painting it

Here’s before ned started

Decking nearly complete

During as you can see the insulation around the hot tub

we didn’t realized how essential it was for the insulation in the cost of running the tub - anyone getting an inflatable tub - invest in good insulation

we also want to make an insulated lid for it too!!! (That will also be put up here)

Cladding complete on the hot tub

Close up of the cladding

The Perspex has been put on - I tried to paint the pergola in Tudor oak black before ned put on the roof as you can see!!!

Our helper for the day caesar

We hoovered all the decking to make sure it was clean before we started

On goes the first coat - it took 2 coats as the first one just soaked right into the wood

I always pour my paint into a tuberware dish makes it easier to carry around

And it’s complete

So the bottom half is painted we now have to finish the pergola

Suggested materials:
  • Decking oil   (Burkes)
  • Brushes   (Woodies)
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