Pool Noodle Hack!!

The Mrs.
by The Mrs.
15 Minutes
Don't dig up the ground to make it level for your pool! Instead, do this!
As stated in my pallet hack for making a basketball court on rental property, being renter makes it hard to have some of the conveniences that you would have as a homeowner. Being both a homeowner and a renter, I like to face the challenges head on and come it up with an inexpensive solution!
This one tackles uneven ground and placing a swimming pool!!
You will need pool noodles.

I needed only 4

I bought these at the local dollar store for, you guessed it, a dollar each! Any color will do, I just chose to make everything match the pool lol!
I had this in the garage and used it to prevent the rolling of the pool noodles.

Again ANY color duct type tape will work, I chose to match the pool!
After placing tarp down on ground, place inflatable pool on top. Then TAPE TOGETHER THE POOL NOODLES IN PAIRS. I taped the top, middle and bottom so they will not shift or roll! PLACE THEM UNDER THE POOL WHERE THE GROUND IS LOWER. Use as many as needed for your situation. THEN, shift them carefully as needed to get the pool level.
Here they are NOT tucked in yet. Important not to fully tuck them under until the pool is level.
Once the pool noodles are in the spot you need, ise a level to double check your work.

With level on top of the pool sides, you can then adjust then as needed until level!

Levels dont lie! Lol!

Now you are ready to carefully tuck in the pool noodles. Be sure they are not in too far under the pool or it will be stepped on in the bottom of the pool. Also slowly curve them into place if needed at the corners!

They will then be out of sight and you can enjoy a level pool!

This sure beats digging up the grpund and then also having to re plant grass pr replace the dirt taken out from digging when the pool season is over!

Here are a couple of other after pics to show you. Not perfect but pretty darn close! Now we do not have the problem we were facing of, one end about to overflow, and the other with out enough water to play in!
Tucked in and barely visible now!!
Again, you hardly even notice the pool noodles after being tucked in!

Ps. We tried this on a snap pool, and it DOES NOT WORK! The pool eventually rolled over itself and the noodles! Lol...that just made me work that much harder on a solution for this uneven ground!
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  • I7849192749 I7849192749 on Jun 19, 2020

    Have you seen the rigid foam insulation panels at HD and Lowes? They come in several sizes and we use a 3" x 96" x 20" panel as a train table. $13

  • Fernando Pedreira Fernando Pedreira on Aug 30, 2020

    I can see how this could help many situations like mine with my 15ft Intex Prizm Frame Pool. In other videos I saw the use of leveling blocks of different heights to bring the pool up a couple of inches (2 in max) on the low side. The issue that I was seeing today was that when you elevate the poles on the low side, the side wall of the liner pulls up to the point that the floor of the liner is now exposed and being tugged on.

    I will put these pool noodles underneath before bringing the pool back down hoping that it will let the pool liner stay elevated without any tension.

    They are the best size and unlike the rigid foam panels. they wont crack or break if a swimmer stomps on them.

    Will keep you updated after I try it out. Fingers crossed!