1. Ready for a Front Yard Makeover

The walkway to your home is important. It is the first point of contact visitors have with your home. So, ask yourself, is it welcoming? Homes with a beautiful front entrance can enjoy a drastic increase in value. This project, in particular, made use of Garden Bloom Authentic Mexican Beach Pebbles, Quikrete Play Sand, and Dimex Landshark Scallop Top Pound-in Plastic Edging.  Get tutorial here

2. Inexpensive Outdoor Walkways: DIY Gravel Walkway

Walkways can serve many purposes; they can add depth to a property because they direct the eye and the feet in a pattern, giving the illusion of more space. Walkways also frame flower beds beautifully. All you need to carry out this project is 4-inches of crushed stone, 1-inch of sand, and some gravel, making this project cheap and easy to carry out! Get tutorial here

3. Inexpensive DIY Ice Cream Bucket Walkway

Used ice cream buckets have a far greater use beyond simply acting as a storage container. They’re the perfect shape to serve as a mold for walkway paving stones, as this project from Hometalker Shirley proves. The best part? You’ll need to make your way through a substantial number of ice cream tubs to acquire a significant number of molds! Get tutorial here

4. Light up Your Walkway - DIY Outdoor Lights

One of the most attractive ways to turn your walkway into a feature, especially if you frequently enjoy visitors in the evening, is to incorporate some DIY outdoor walkway lighting. This Hometalker also explains how to make the steps and recommends the use of quick-setting concrete. The project is fairly easy to adapt to your needs.  Get tutorial here

5. Simple DIY Ideas: A Mud-Free Outdoor Walkway

When the rainy season arrives, any signs of a pathway may be washed into a muddy blur. However, a gravel walkway allows proper soaking as the water penetrates through the gravel and into the soil. Hometalker Rachelle D used sand under the gravel - you can use a plastic lining or any material but be sure to place drainage holes. Get tutorial here

6. Get Curb Appeal with Neat and Attractive White Fencing

This project requires some digging and good planning to turn out successfully. The beauty of the end product lies in the crispness of the white contrasted by the colorful pots of blooming flowers. It’s a simple project that will transform your outdoor walkway. There’s nothing like a small white fence to create a homely and neat look!  Get tutorial here

7. Instant Gratification DIY Pallet Outdoor Walkway Ideas

Looking for an instant fix for your front yard? If you’re having relatives over and fancy a little no-fuss, no-mess, instant garden makeover, this easy DIY pallet walkway is ideal. You can create the same beautiful appeal by first treating the wood, and that will mean pulling and prying the pallets apart, first. Then, customize the project to suit your space. Get tutorial here

8. Flower-Filled Outdoor Walkway Ideas

This project is surprisingly simple, straightforward, and highly effective. For ongoing maintenance, you may need to straighten your lawn edgings and ensure you water your flowers regularly. You can customize the project - add a large pot plant to the corner point of the walkway or add pavers along the sides to serve as edging. Get tutorial here

9. Upcycled Materials and Outdoor Walkway Ideas

Hometalker Inetia has created a hardscaped wonderland with upcycled materials, using spare pallets and bricks to build a comfy garden space. If you’re making garden beds at the sides of your walkway, choose plants that enjoy moisture and don’t require well-draining soil - ferns, zantedeschia (arum lilies) and other wetland types. Get tutorial here

10. Elephant Ear Outdoor Walkway Tiles

One of the specific elements that makes this DIY outdoor walkway project so easy to use is that it is designed to be adaptable - it’s all about making it as easy and inexpensive as you wish. The best way to show off your new walkway? Add a few simple pots with leafy plants - if you live in a warm humid area, consider a Boston Fern. Get tutorial here

11. Inexpensive Outdoor Walkway Ideas and Repairs

Curb appeal refers to that initial first impression people get from your property, playing a key role in the value and status of your home. This outdoor walkway repair is easy enough for any home DIY enthusiast to implement. Hometalker Sabrina used compacted gravel to even out and repair her walkway, covering this with black mulch to create an aesthetically pleasing finish. Get tutorial here

12. Wooden Boardwalk Inspiration: Outdoor Walkway

Would you love to build a boardwalk? This is designed for those who don’t have much knowledge of home projects - and even better - it’s perfect for anyone who loves to upcycle old pallets. There’s minimal heavy lifting involved, and the results also cater to those who love instant gratification - you can easily do it in a weekend!  Get tutorial here

13. Front Yard Fun: Gate and Walkway Upgrade

Many DIY enthusiasts use this project (once the wood has been treated) alongside a Koi fish pond. This project is super simple and the perfect way to spend a weekend before you’re expecting visitors. This activity doesn’t require the most advanced DIY skills, it’s easy to do, and the materials are surprisingly easy to source. Get tutorial here

14. Recreate This Inexpensive Outdoor Walkway

The perfect walkway makes it easy to navigate your way across the lawn or through a garden to reach your front door. This project’s end product epitomizes neatness, beauty, and function. Feel free to add marbles, gemstones, pebbles, or anything else to the gravel if you feel like a dash of color could work. Get tutorial here

15. Install a Beautiful Stone Walkway

Walkways provide a dry and level surface for people to walk on - you can use your walkways to direct the foot traffic in your yard. This DIY stone walkway lends itself to this purpose, artfully. If you’re a do-it-yourself gardener, you’ll value the way a gravel walkway assists with water retention in the soil, preventing run-off and wastage. Get tutorial here

16. Pave Your Own Make-Believe Bricks

It may be difficult to believe those are faux bricks - but indeed, they’re simply painted onto concrete. Don’t they liven up the porch beautifully, with that rich red hue? And it’s easy to achieve! Choose your own colors - you could even pave a yellow brick road to follow home. Add complimentary flowers in the beds for a beautiful result. Get tutorial here

17. Quick and Easy Garden Path

This Hometalker is direct and upfront - his DIY project is super easy to make. Create this fairytale garden path using a few logs, a chainsaw, some oil, and some time. Voila! Beautiful. This pathway requires wood, so be sure to note each piece will need a few thorough insect treatments prior to use. Get tutorial here

18. Go Big or Go Home: Outdoor Walkway Inspiration

Keen to sink your teeth into a large DIY project that will give you breathtaking results? This is not for the faint of heart - it is a big project. It is truly beautiful and adds to your curb appeal. Inspired by the national parks, this walkway features both wood and concrete. The end product is smooth, neat, strong, and wheelchair accessible.  Get tutorial here

19. Inexpensive Outdoor Walkways: A Pallet Design

A concrete walkway will serve you well, but there are far easier ways to bring form and function together. Concrete walkways often result in water washing away as it flows from the pavers. It would take some research to find the perfect flower species to thrive in the area you’re planning to improve - consider the sun and rainfall. Get tutorial here

20. Build a Rock ‘n Roll Outdoor Walkway

A little texture in the garden can add a great sense of variety for the eyes, as demonstrated here. This outdoor walkway is not designed for its neatness, but for its rock ‘n roll easy-going look. Here is an exceptionally unique look. Add this inspiration to a herb garden design, with thyme, parsley, sage, and mint planted between the rocks. Get tutorial here