Welcome Center – Check Your Hair, Hang Your Hat, Write a Note

4 Materials
3 Hours
Bold farmhouse inspired welcome center.
I love auctions, it used to be something we did every weekend and became our date night. But life gets busy and priorities change. While I can’t always go with my honey, I can still buy online! This Victorian style dresser was a good buy even with it’s broken imperfections. I’m drawn to the broken pieces that your average antique dealer would pass up.
To see what I did with the dresser look here:

While Shabby Paints doesn’t require sanding or priming it does require you do a thorough cleaning. So, get out your water/vinegar mixture and scrub every nook and cranny. Years of oil, dirt, dust and grease soak into wood and will prevent the perfect finish. Rinse with a clean wet rag.  (If it’s extra grimy add a few drops of original blue Dawn)
Now the unfun part is over….let the fun begin.
This beauty was painted with 2 coats of our new color Armour.  Yes it was that easy!
Matte or Satin VAX
Protection – Never Buff again!
Before glazing I highly recommend sealing with matte or satin VAX first. It makes glazing or aging with reVAX so much easier. It gives you more time to work and easier to erase mistakes. It also protects the entire piece. I applied one coat, all over with a cling on! brush.
reVAX Complete-All in one
Age, Glaze, Protect and Stain with one product!
Apply reVAX, working in small sections, being sure to get it into the details, then wipe away with a damp rag (I use damp wash rags).
After Glaze
This beautiful mirror had a heavy “broken” slab of marble in it.  It was ugly so no tears over finishing it off with a hammer.
To create the Chalkboard, I cut a piece of Luan to fit where the marble was and painted with Licorice. *Note-Any Shabby Paints colors left unsealed create a beautiful chalkboard.

When you season with chalk maybe you can use a larger piece of chalk than I did, unless you enjoy the sound of someone scratching a chalkboard 
To finish the perfect little welcome center, pre-drill holes and attach cute little hooks. This way, you always have a place to hang your hat!
2 projects 1 auction buy. See the dresser how to here: ser

Suggested materials:

  • Shabby Paints Armour   (https://www.shabbypaints.com)
  • Shabby Paints VAX   (https://www.shabbypaints.com)
  • Shabby Paints reVAX   (https://www.shabbypaints.com)
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