Faux Rustic Reclaimed Wood Look Wall.

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Naturally stained pinewood to look like rescued wood from old barns with UnicornSPiT.
By M&B Furniture Décor Llc.
*This post is sponsored by Unicorn SPiT, but all statements and opinions are mine.*

*Preparing the wood with a natural aging process.

 This has been my favorite project so far, after the client installed the pinewood planks on the wall, they called me to start the process of making this wood to look like reclaimed wood.
First I applied a product called Pioneer Wood, a natural aging powder that has to be diluted in a gallon of water and can be applied immediately to wood after mixed with the water.    
Pioneer wood recommends to leave the wood outside in the sun for the product to work better, unfortunately in this case the wood was already installed but with the advantage to be located in an area where the sun was present pretty much all day. So after a week the wood changed color and was ready to get the SPiT treatment!.

So now that the wood is ready, its time to SPiT!
*Time to SPiT!                  
 UnicornSPiT colors selected for the wall:
·      Midnight Blackness
·      Rustic Reality
·      Squirrel
·      White Ning
·      Weathered Daydream
·      Molly Red Pepper

UnicornSPiT Colors.

Dilute each color with a little water and use them pure as well.
Using my cling on brush, I started blending the SPiT colors to give them the dark and light shades of the natural reclaimed wood look.
Add pure UnicornSPiT in corners and in seams of each plank using different colors like midnight blackness in some areas or weathered daydream for more weathered looking.

Depending on how light or darker you want it to look you can do:
*Dilute the colors with water.
*Or use more of the Weathered Daydream gray stain and White Ning for a lighter finishing.
For a darker finishing, You can keep the (gray) as your base color diluted with water (1 part water-2 parts paint) 
and blending it with midnight blackness and rustic reality.

Don't forget to paint the seams...

Keep blending the colors!

Here a close up with all the colors blended..

 For the last touches I added the red stain (Molly Red Pepper) with a small thin brush I applied the red in the distressed areas and in some of the seams. My client is a GA Bulldogs fan and the colors are black, red and white.

Wall is done!
Waited just few minutes to let it dry to the seal it with Polyurethane in satin finish.

After about 15 minutes the wall was ready to be sealed, I used polyurethane fast dry satin finish.
And the wall is now done!
I had so much fun making this accent wall; the fact that you can create in a very short time what Mother Nature does to the wood in several years is simply amazing! 

Thanks UnicornSPiT!

GA Bulldogs Wall! :)

Suggested materials:

  • Pine wood planks   (Home Depot)
  • UnicornSpit Stains   (Renaissance Lady Web Page)

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