Any ideas on how to "rehab" metal & woven-plastic outdoor furniture??


I need your help & ideas! Purchased a set of outdoor furniture from Lowes or Home Depot a couple of years ago. The mainframe is metal, and the arms & back were woven faux wicker. However, it's not the best quality I now the arms & the backs of the chairs are all broken after several seasons in the weather & sun. The seat and base-rockers are all made of metal and in great shape. I've just got to cover the arms & "fill-in" the backs in some way so we can use the chairs. Any ideas on how to do this??

Whenever I look up "outdoor furniture cover," I just get the kinds that literally "cover" the entire chair. I'm looking for something to just re-cover the arms & the backs since the "wicker" is broken beyond repair. THANK YOU in advance for any suggestions or ideas!! :-) I can't imagine people simply spend $1K every couple of years and purchase new sets when the old ones break, right?? Gotta be a way to fix these...I'm just coming up blank. THANK YOU!!!! :-)

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