How do I remove spray paint from porcelain table top??

Mary M Barson
by Mary M Barson

I have a porcelain or enamel top table I bought for 30 bucks from a women on Facebook. It appears someone either spraypainted the top or painted it with something gritty. I think it is old spray paint. Attaching pics. How can I remove the paint without ruining the porcelain or enamel underneath?

Also, she said it is porcelain, but how do I know for sure? I am disabled with bad shoulders, so I can't use too much pressure to sand it but do have a powersander somewhere in my garage. What grit paper? I'm trying to get the paint off to have the original porcelain top. Here is the table. If you enlarge the one that is all white, you can see the grittiness of the paint. It has some spots on the side that are peeling. Thankyou Thanks!

Peeling paint.

Gritty texture.

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