Asked on Mar 04, 2021

Why is my paint roller sliding at times?

by Kristin

I hope I can explain this correctly! I'm in the process of painting my kitchen cabinets. All is going well so far except for this annoying issue with my paint roller. At times, it will not roll smoothly, and instead it will start sliding and sometimes skidding. It’s incredibly frustrating! It seems to happen mostly when I am doing the frame of the cabinet or a smaller surface. I have tried holding the roller at different angles, less paint on the roller, changing speed of rolling, and it keeps happening. I also noticed it's more on the side of the roller not near the handle. I have attached a picture of the rollers I am currently using. I love the finish they are giving so far but this sliding thing is driving me nuts. I have tried a different roller frame and brand new paint roller but it is still happening. I also tried just a cheaper high density foam roller and that one isn’t doing the sliding thing, but I really hate the way it is applying the paint so I don’t want to keep using it. I should mention I’m using BM advance and used BIN primer and it has done this with both paints. Please help! It’s taking this project way longer than it already is dealing with the sliding issue.

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