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One of the kids wanted a pink and purple bedroom so we compromised and started painting one wall pink and the others were going to be a light neutral color. In the mean time, as a true womand will do, she decided she did not like the pink wall. She wanted a galaxy room. Again we compromised on one wall. So, I had the wall with one coat of dark fushia paint on it. We decided to try it. So glad we did! We spent an afternoon working on it together and it was great as she was able to help.
We started by using paint I had leftover from other projects. A deep purple from my painted couch (that is in another post on here), a bright aqua from a bathroom and leaf green from my son's bedroom and a pale gray (some of these came from the $5/gallon mis-tint section). We applied random stripes to the wall and working in small sections. After applying the stripes, I took a dampp rag and smudged. It did not give me the desired effect so I smudged and I smeared in a swirl pattern. If I did not like something I added a touch more paint and smeared again.
We got a rhythm down and she painted stripes and splotches and I smeared. The room has a popcorn ceiling that needs to be painted so I did not tape it off. I figured taping the wall off to paint the ceiling would be easier.
eventually we got to this. Some areas took are different colors but that seemed right. I was not overly impressed at this point but she was happy so we went with it. For Christmas we had got her a pack of glow-in-the-dark wall stickers in a planet/star theme from Menards. I believe it was about $15 for the pack and there were about 300 stickers... wow! I also had a pack of planet/star stickers from Dollar Tree that I spent $1 on but they added some color. So, we started putting stickers up...
And it turned out like this! I had to paint the trim - used the pale gray because it seemed to work...
I used one of the colored stickers and stuck it over the outlet faceplate so it would blend in. The white-looking ones glow, the colored do not.
she was thrilled with the results!
taking a picture of the glow is difficult but the whole wall glows beautifully! It was a fun project, spent some quality time and she has a unique room that will hopefully grow with her a few years ;-)

Suggested materials:

  • Latex paint in assorted colors   (Menards)

Kari Durand
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  • Hannah V Hannah V on Apr 11, 2016
    How fun is this!! I have those glow in the dark stars on my ceiling as a kid and was obsessed with them!

  • Marlo Jacobs Marlo Jacobs on Apr 12, 2016
    Awesome! Thank you for sharing this, I'm helping a friend decorate a Star Wars themed nursery and she wanted a similar type mural using a picture from a scene in the movie with more clouds and lighter colors and now we have your wall to guide us and it will be a lot more cost effective than having a mural painted by a professional! Thank you so much and the wall looks amazing!

    • Kari Durand Kari Durand on Apr 13, 2016
      @Marlo Jacobs my son loves Star Wars - wish I had thought of it when he was younger!