Magnetic Blackboard in Your Kids Room

3 Materials
2 Days
Every child like to draw or to paint. So.. why don't make for them a blackboard in kids room ? Not only standard blackboard but magnetic one! They could paint and put magnets on the wall.

Video is presenting the whole process of making the magnetic blackboard on the ordinary wall including preparation of bumpy wall with cracks into smooth one.
If You have wall made from drywall You don't need to do any wall preparations, because it is alread smooth. In other case, You need to put gypsum finishing coat on the wall. It's wet and dirty work, but in fact quite easy (as You can see on the video)
First step is to paint at least 3 layers of undercoat magnetic paint. Such paint is quite expensive but You have to put many layers or, Your magnetic wall won't be able to sustain any magnets, not even small ones.
important thing: do not use brush to paint. Brush would destroy smooth surface
Next step is to paint at least 2 times with blackboard paint. Theare are several colors (not only black) and glossy or matt - chose what fits better to Your room.
Blackbooard after dry is so dense, that You can not only paint on it but clean wit water and sponge without any damage. Like typical blackboards in school
Suggested materials:
  • Magnetic paint
  • Gypsum finishing coat
  • Blackboard paint
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