Stencil Wall Art In Minutes!

3 Materials
30 Minutes
Enhance an accent wall in your home with a mesmerizing mandala pattern. Our are perfect for adding an exotic splash of pattern to any bare wall.

We'd like you to welcome back Greg, one of the Cutting Edge Stencils owners and a creative DIYer. Greg decided to put a stylish twist on one of the accent walls in our office. Let's walk through the steps for completing this project.
The first thing he did was choose a pretty  for this fun project, the Radiance Mandala Stencil.
With the gorgeous Mandala stencil in hand he was ready to start ! Greg sprayed the back of the stencil with spray adhesive. We like to use Sticky Note Spray Adhesive which can be purchased on Amazon. This helps hold the design in place and reduce bleeding.
Greg was using the 60" quarter medallion for this project.  Because this stencil is so big, it needs to be rotated four times to complete the entire pattern.  For easy rotation, Greg placed a thumbtack in the center of the medallion.  This allowed him to turn the pattern after each section was painted.
Greg painted the pretty pattern in Benjamin Moore gray using a 4 inch dense foam roller.
He made sure he brushed off any excess paint on a piece of paper towel.  Too much paint will cause the design to bleed. Greg made sure he covered the entire design with paint before he rotated the stencil.
Greg continued to paint the Radiance Mandala pattern. After the section was painted he would rotate the design so all four sections could be painted.
While Greg rotated the design to the right and then the left. you could also rotate the design clockwise to complete the circular pattern.
When all four parts were finally painted, Greg peeled back the stencil to reveal the design.
This large Mandala Stencil certainly adds character and charm to a once plain wall and we love it!

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