Daughter #2's Room... Lime Green and Zebra Print

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So... this was done a long time ago now, but at least I'm posting before we get redoing it... because she has now decided that she wants different colours.  and the real fun part will be the zebra wall because she wants to keep the zebras, but not the green...
the beginning... let me just say... I hate these walls! When we moved in, all the walls were the old wood panelling. We were told that we couldn't paint it and would need to cover over it, so wall board was found and we were told that it was the best! This wall board... totally awful! We were told that it was also primed, so could just paint... lie! Let me tell you... these are the worst walls I have ever worked with! I had to sand (hours of sanding) all the walls... which ended being in over half our basement... After the sanding, I used Bullseye primer... 2 coats with waiting at least 24hrs in between.
Then... the painting came... again, 2 coats of each colour with at least 24hrs in between.
I found some zebra print tape, I think at Canadian Tire, so used it as a border around the top of the ledge around her room.
She wanted lime green and zebra print, so we were going to do this wall just in zebra print, but... I found this picture and we both fell in love with it...
This took a while... I actually did a grid before starting...
finished product complete with sparkles! oh and I used the tape to recover all the electrical outlets in the room!

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