MaXpray Showdown: Comparing Two Top Paint Sprayers

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When it comes to paint sprayers, there are lots of options. Today let's compare two terrific airless paint sprayers by InoKraft from Toolant, the MaXpray M1 and M3!

Our fence was looking shabby so it was time to restain it and what better way to take care of this tedious task than to spray!

Closer inspection says yes, time for a redo!

With so many paint sprayers on the market, how does one choose? That's easy: MaXpray!

Key to a successful finished project is prep so I began by cleaning the fence with a deck cleaner and let everything dry. As the existing solid color stain was in good condition, I didn't have to remove it.

Let's compare these MaXpray Airless M1 and M3 sprayers! In the photo, the M1 is on the left and the M3 is on the right.

Very important for a sprayer is ease of set up, ease of spraying, ease of maneuverability, and definitely ease of clean up. Both of these sprayers check each box handily.

Both sprayers can be used indoors or out with water-based or oil-based paints for fast, professional, contractor-grade results each and every time. There's minimal overspray thanks to the AtoMax spray tip with no need to thin the paint. Very helpful on both is that the sprayer head swivels 360° so there is no struggling with the hose.

Included with each are extension poles for higher reach, wrenches for set up, cleaning tools, and a pair of anti-fog safety goggles which is fantastic. Each comes with a premium 25' paint hose which is ample for access to 2-3 story buildings.

The main difference between these sprayers at first glance is that the M3 has a built-in cart with wheels and additional hooks plus an extra 25' paint hose for longer walkability and even higher reach.

Let's start with the M1. Set up is incredibly easy and takes no time at all. After connecting the paint hose to the sprayer, the enclosed laminated instruction cards say to prime the sprayer which is merely running water through it to get the system ready.

Every knob is very clearly labeled and the instructions are the best I've encountered in a long time. If you need extra assistance, Toolant's website has great videos.

Next up is priming the system with your paint which in my case is an exterior solid color acrylic stain and sealer for decks and fences. It was thick stain; I was concerned but both sprayers handled it with zero issues. You can spray straight from 1- or 5-gallon buckets with a capacity for 10 gallons, thin or thick paints.

It's remarkably quick and easy to get everything ready to go.

Now it's time to spray! The spray tip can be vertical or horizontal with a quick twist; here I went with horizontal. There's also an adjustable pressure control knob for low to high as well as a cleaning setting. No pun intended but wow, low blew me away!

Definitely test the sprayer and practice on scrap material to get the hang of it first but as these are so straightforward to use, you'll master it instantly.

In less than 5 minutes, I had this fence panel sprayed evenly, completely, and precisely, effortlessly avoiding the vertical fence posts and those tight corners.

That's 5x faster than rolling and for sure 12x faster than brushing by hand. The M1 is a resounding success!

For comparison, it was now time to test the M3 on another fence panel. Set up, priming, and using the sprayer is exactly the same as the M1 and just as simple.

The M3 has a capacity for 15 gallons which is stellar for larger-scale use and directly supports a 5 gallon bucket underneath.

And voilá, fence panel number two done in a flash! I am so thoroughly impressed with these sprayers, I wanted to spray everything!

As for clean-up, what could be more painless than the included garden hose connector? Not much!

Side by side, you can see both the MaXpray M1 and M3 resulted in a perfect, professional, even coverage job, handling this task beautifully.

In the end, which sprayer was better? In my book, they're both tied for first place.

Both provided contractor-grade, superior finishes, and both were easy to set up, use, and clean.

With a reliable warranty, after-sales service, comprehensive service materials such as the quick start guide, manuals, and troubleshooting included, you can't go wrong with either sprayer.

The M1 is exceptional for homeowners and remodelers while the M3 with its built-in wheeled cart is definitive for not only homeowners and remodelers, it's off the charts for larger-scale projects.

In a side-by-side comparison, they're both winners. Be sure to buy now using the links below! Happy spraying!

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  • Exterior acrylic stain and sealer   (Menards)
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