From Office to Nursery to Toddler Room With Fun MURALS

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I have to tell you that the little baby that this lovely room was for is now a tweenager! My old house has sold twice and both sets of owners have kept my murals. I hope you will be inspired to make some of your own! It's very time consuming but not as difficult as you may think.
This was my husband's office before the nursery rhyme characters moved in. Sorry for the poor picture quality.
The first thing I did was find some coloring book pages of our favorite nursery rhymes. Just had to have Hey, Diddle, Diddle!
I am a teacher so I borrowed an old overhead projector from work. I had to copy this one because my school doesn't have projectors any more. I photocopied the images and printed them on transparent sheets. Yes, they actually do still sell those!
Once you have your transparencies, dim the lights. Adjust the projector to the size that you would like by bringing it either closer or further to the wall. Trace the outline in pencil. The lines can be erased quite easily. If you have a laptop or Ipad with an LCD projector, it's the same process. Be careful to select the correct proportions when enlarging images. I used snow texture on Little Bo Peep's sheep. I applied it with q-tips. You can get that texture medium from any craft store.
These walls now become a jumbo sized coloring book. I used acrylic paints to add color to the characters with a large, medium and fine brush. My sister, Heather helped with the characters' faces. She has always painted prettier eyes than me.
My husband painted the walls and ceiling of the nursery before I began my mural madness! The reason I mention this is because we used a latex paint. Any mistakes I made could simply be wiped off with a cloth before the paint dried.
I used a deer foot brush to make the foliage for the tree. They come in all different sizes. It's called a deer foot because it's angled exactly like the deer's hoof. The key is to have some paper towels beside you, dip your brush in the paint, then pounce 2 or 3 times on the paper towel before applying it to the wall. Practice this technique on paper first to achieve better results.
Use an eraser once all the paint has dried completely to get rid of your pencil lines. They will be more noticeable on the lighter colors like Little Miss Muffet's curds and whey.
You may also want to vary your paint colors a little to make it a little more interesting. For instance, I diluted the green by adding water for the grass in Jack and Jill's painting. Then, I added layers upon layers of grass. Behind my little man is Jack be Nimble, I also diluted the blue in the shirt that he is wearing.
I hope you can find a good fairy tale book, coloring book or clipart to inspire you. LCD projectors could be really useful too as they are more popular than the antiquated overhead projectors. I always try to do thrifty DIY stuff. However, if you are going to spend the time to make murals for your home, don't scrimp on the acrylic paint. Go to Michael's or any other art supply store and purchase some good quality acrylic paint. The dollar store paint might be cheaper but will not cover as well. It might take several coats. Best of luck!
Sorry once again for the poor picture quality. I can't emphasize enough what an impact a simple paint treatment can make to totally transform a room. When a couple is expecting their first child, there are so many must-have's that need to be purchased. $40 to $50 in paint can totally transform a room and it can grow with your child from nursery, toddler to school age years.
Suggested materials:
  • Paint brushes   (Michael's)
  • Acrylic paint   (Michael's)
  • Overhead projector   (work)
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