Antique Rocking Chair Upholstery

2 Materials
3 Hours

This old chair needed new batting, upholstery and trim. I bought two yard of fabric and got to it! The only thing you will need is a nail gun, upholstery fabric, and new trim.

This is the before. The chair itself is in wonderful condition. We cleaned it up with soap and water, took off the fabric and cut off the old trim.

Next we lined up the upholstery fabric and nailed it to the frame. I don’t cut before so I’m sure it’s perfect. It’s important to keep tugging at the fabric when stapling so the fabric is tight and there are no creases .

Once I’ve finished nailing the staples in it’s time to trim. Once you cut off the excess, it’s import to use fabric scissors in order to get tight lines and have strings and excess.

Once I trim it up, I get all of the excess up and go over it with a glue gun. I take the hot glue gun, and glue on the trim. The trim covers the staples so it looks finished. Once I cut it, I make sure there are no loose threads. This is a very easy beginner upholstery project. Anyone getting into upholstery can do it!

Suggested materials:

  • Upholstery fabric   (Joann craft store)
  • Cream trim   (Amazon)

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