Looking for a quick fix to my bare wood stairs


Way longer than I want to admit, I removed the carpet from my stairs, intending to just put a water-based poly over the pine. But procrastination took over and now I'm not sure I can sand them enough to look nice enough to only use poly. I have cats and worry about having to put them behind closed doors for the time it would take to do what most people would consider a proper job.

Having seen several photos of painted stairs that looked great, I've now seized on the idea of painting them and covering with poly. I've recently used some VERY fast-drying poly for other projects and would like to use it over the painted stairs. I want to use satin paint for the stairs and cover with a satin poly.

The object is for the stairs to look better than they do now -- nearly ANYTHING would accomplish that -- and to get it done as quickly as possible. I don't want to have to wait hours and hours that end up being days. Would this plan work?

BTW, there are no dogs or kids in the house and the stairs aren't constantly in use. I'd be OK with only walking on them with socks or bare feet it that would extend their appearance. (Photo is just for show, not my stairs.)

looking for a quick fix to my bare wood stairs
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