8 DIY Privacy Screens for Your Outdoor Areas

Hometalk Highlights
by Hometalk Highlights
Looking to reclaim your outdoor spaces? So were these Hometalkers, but they didn’t want to sacrifice the flowing air or sunlight.
Instead of giving up on that gorgeous view and fresh air, they found a better way! Somehow with the piney scent of latticed panels, chalky painted shutters, and rough canvas curtains, these brilliant DIYers turned their outdoor spaces into pockets of peaceful privacy!

1. The Vibrant Shutter Screen

Photo via Daune @Cottage in the Oaks
After creating a little garden corner, these homeowners called it “The Nook,” until they realized that a nook should really have more privacy. Using a pile of old shutters they found beside the road, these DIYers added a French blue wall, turning this outdoor oasis into an actual nook.

2. The Bamboo Reed Windows

Photo via Christina @Christina’s Adventures
Out of desperation for a fence that was cheap, but would make their deck feel more like a room, these Hometalkers designed a brilliant makeshift look from wood strips and bamboo fencing. Talk about privacy at an easy price!

3. The Bug Screen Curtains

Photo via Christy @11 Magnolia Lane
After moving to Georgia, this homeowner realized that the bugs there are “ha-yuge!” Because her military quarters lacked a screened porch, she used some inexpensive IKEA panels to make a pest-free and private outdoor retreat.

4. The Vine-Covered Screen

Photo via Melissa @Empress of Dirt
Instead of giving up on privacy when her neighbor set some serious fence restrictions, this DIYer came up with this genius, privacy-enhancing design. She added some vines to make a secret- and private -garden of her very own!

5. The Canvas Drop Cloths

Photo via Beth @Unskinny Boppy
With the summer heat heavy on their porch, this Alabama couple added simple canvas drop cloths to shade their space and create a more intimate atmosphere for warm, sunny days.

6. The Tin Accent Wall

Photo via Samantha @Crafty Texas Girls
Instead of just erecting a plain, wooden fence, the maker of this industrial-chic backyard decided to add a square of tin to the wall, to create an outdoor accent and dress up the space.

7. The Bi-fold Door Fence

Photo via Marie @My Interior Frugalista
When her husband got home, he was shocked to find a messy pile of old doors sitting on their lawn, but this homeowner had plans to turn those trash-bound doors into a relaxing, repurposed privacy fence.

8. The Hanging Lattice Panels

Photo via Patti @Organized Chaos Online
Whenever she would entertain on the patio, this Hometalker felt exposed to her neighbors across the street. With her acting as foreman and “hub’s” doing the work, this thrifty couple was able to solve the dilemma for less than $30 in under two hours!

If you were going to add a privacy screen, which would it be? Share your ideas below!
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  • Cheree Cheree on May 06, 2017

    I would like to know the best way to secure a Lattice Screen on the east side of my patio. It seems that the bottom and sides of the Lattice would need to be secured very effeciently. What would be the best way to secure them.

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  • Lindsey Lindsey on Aug 27, 2015
    I have a neighbor who "watches" other neighbors through binoculars, and I found she had a space in her window where she can look directly into my lanai. I have already put up a lattice privacy fence by the carport and planted morning glories, but they haven't filled in yet. On the lanai, I'm simply going to use sheer fabric hung on dowel rods to cover the opening between the roll-up blinds. This should block her "view". What we do for some simple privacy!
  • Karen Gillespie Karen Gillespie on Jun 13, 2019

    I have rolls of sheer fabric that I use for crafting. I never thought to use it to block my nosey neighbor. I'm definitely going to try it.

    Thanks for the idea