Mirror, Mirror on the Window? Daylight Privacy Mirror Film Tutorial

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**Update** I had some questions regarding using this on double pane windows so after a lot of research. I went to www.buydecorativefilm.com and found a quote that said it was safe for dual paned glass. There were a lot of reviews on Amazon and I couldn't find one that said it was a problem for their double pane windows but if in doubt, contact a professional window tint installer. **
When we bought this house a year ago, it was the house of many firsts. One first, was the fact that this house had windows on the garage. We had never had a garage with windows before. And you know what they say about first impressions. Every time someone walked to our front door, they would pass these windows first. When I set up the garage, I put a shelf in front of the window, because almost most of the other wall space had pegboards already on them. I put it in front of the window and I proceeded to load it with just about every paint can that I had. Every time I walked by the garage, I groaned but was too lazy to move the shelf and ALL THOSE cans of paint. So, I sent my husband to buy blinds. Either he bought the wrong size or I measured wrong and it was probably the latter. But, I hated seeing the inside of the garage so much, I attempted to put them up anyway. I don't know why we didn't take them back and get the right size. I think I just wasn't happy with how the blinds looked so it didn't matter. I am not sure how I came across this mirror window film but it looked like it might be the perfect solution for me.
Here are my garage windows as they look when you come up the sidewalk to my front door. They are super close to the side walk and anyone can look in them. On the right, is a set of wood blinds that we bought on clearance. Wrong color, wrong size in both directions and I just have not been happy with the look. I never even installed the other set of blinds on the other window. Every single time I walked by, it was a constant reminder of how much I hated it yet I hadn't decided on what to do instead. Until now.
I ordered this mirror window film from Amazon. BDF S05 Window Film (36in X 12ft) It was about $24. This would do my two garage windows without a problem. **After I put it on the bottom half, I decided to wait on the top half. There were a couple of windows on my porch that I decided to do instead of the top of the garage windows.**
My windows were very cobwebby. icon I used a soft broom to brush away all the webs.
I used glass cleaner to clean the glass. You don't want any flecks of anything on the glass or it will mess with your film.
OK, this is where I failed to read the directions. Per the directions, cut one inch larger than the glass in both directions. I cut my piece to the exact measurements. OOPS icon I dodged a bullet and it worked out any way.
When you open your box the squeegee and utility knife are inside the roll of mirror film. You will also need a spray bottle with 16 oz of water and about 6 drops of liquid soap.
I used my rotary cutter because I am more familiar with it than a utility knife.
This is kind of hard to see but there is a backing on the film that you remove and then it is adhesive backed. To remove the backing, starting at a corner, put two pieces of tape with adhesive sides facing in but not touching each other. Pull each piece of tape in different directions. Apply soapy spray mixture to this sticky back and spray mixture to window as well.
I started in one corner and applied the film to the soapy window. Since I was working alone, I didn't follow the directions. With this corner in the window I slowly removed the rest of the backing and pressed it to the window.
Before the squeegee, it looked like this.
Half squeegeed and half not squeegeed. What a difference? Right?
I am super happy with how it came out.

On the left is what is on the other side of the window. On the right, you would never know.
Satisfying squeegee action and don’t stress the bubble, I did see it and it was taken care of.
I could not be happier with the end results. Much, MUCH better... and for around $25... this works well for us.
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  • Barbara Riccio Barbara Riccio on Sep 17, 2019

    With the Opaque film, will it block street view for both day and night?

  • Terri perry Terri perry on Jan 16, 2022

    I would Also like to know if it keeps the sun out? I have a 2 story window that gets full direct sun. The sun will fade everything if I'm not careful but I love the light!

  • Mary Ann Mary Ann on Jan 17, 2022

    Does anyone know what affect this would have on a double pane widow that has lost its seal. Would the cloudy window still show from the inside?

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  • Bonnie Lauria Bonnie Lauria on Jan 17, 2021

    This project brings to mind my old house. We installed this same product on a kitchen window that was very close to the walkway. It was fun to watch the neighborhood kids come and make faces in the "mirror," we could see them, but they couldn't see us! It worked very well in the daytime, at night, with the lights on in the kitchen, it had a reverse effect.

  • Bry Bry on Jan 17, 2022

    Glad that the mirror film worked for you. It does look so much better than seeing all the garage goodies. I've used a few different kinds of film and always cut to the window measurements, never larger as the instructions say. It just seemed to work better for me and never had any problems.