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These are dollar store wooden popsicle sticks DIYs. I will be showing you guys how to create a wooden shadowbox, small wooden crate, and hexagon wall decor.
Watch the video above to learn how to DIY three easy projects!
For this wooden box crate, you will need:
  • a bag of big popsicle sticks
  • alphabet stickers
  • hot glue gun or superglue
  • scissors
  • glass part from a 5 x 7 frame
First, you will need need to cut up the wooden popsicles to a pattern that you desire. Make sure that the pattern is the same size as the glass part of a 5 x 7 frame.
Then you will need to hot glue two popsicle sticks to the the opposite end of each other. After that, you will need to create the side of the shadowbox. You will need to cut up 12 popsicle sticks (10 big ones, 2 small ones) that are the same length as each other.
After cutting out the pieces, you will need to cut out 4 sticks that are the same length as the length of the sides. You will use these sticks to hold all the pieces together. 2 sticks per 6 pieces (5 big ones, 1 small one). Just like the picture shown above.
Now, it is time to create the top and bottom parts of the shadow box. Make sure they both look like this. You can use tape to hold all the the pieces together.
Create a hole for the top part of the shadow box so you can insert stuffs in it. I use mine for movie tickets.
Once you are done cutting, it is time to put the shadow box together. You can use stickers for the inside of the shadow box. Glue the glass part last! Then you are all done with this DIY!
For the wooden crate DIY, you will need:
  • a bag of big popsicle sticks
  • hot glue or super glue
  • wooden stain
  • scissor
To begin with, you will need to cut up the popsicle sticks to match the picture above. Glue it together as well.
You will also need to cut more popsicle sticks to match the picture above. Yay for a lot of cutting! You want to glue it together as well. Then it is time to put the wooden crate together. The two small pieces will be the side of the wooden crate. Just apply glue to the edges.
Once the wooden crate is all dry, you can use wood stain. After applying it, wait 24 hours for it to dry.
For the hexagon shelves decor, you will need:
  • a bag of small popsicle sticks
  • wood stain
  • hot glue gun or super glue
  • 3 fake succulents (optional)
Apply glue to the edge of the sticks to form a hexagon shape. Repeat this step over and over again until it is the width you desire.
Once it is all dried, use any wood stain of your choice. Wait 24 hours for the wood stain to dry and you are done.
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  • Christy Roppel Christy Roppel on Aug 25, 2017
    The top two projects don't look like Popsicle sticks. Are they some other kind of stick?

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