Vintage Vanity Chair Makeover

2 Hours
This sweet little vanity stool traveled with us when we moved from Arizona. She’s been hanging high up on the wall in my brother’s barn for the past year awaiting her turn for a much needed makeover. I finally got her down last week and brought her home with me. My hubs and I decided to make her one of our many weekend projects. I love giving new life to pieces that have been worn over time and then discarded.
Here's what she looked like before. From this photo, she doesn’t look like she needs anything done to her right?
Here's a close up. Now you can see why she needed a little help.
A fresh new look with spray paint we had on hand in our garage. Semi - gloss black.
Choosing a fabric for the seat cushion from scraps left over from past projects.
Grey and white was the WINNER!!!
While I tugged and pulled on the fabric working my way around in a circle, My husband used a staple gun to secure it in place.

Tip: tack the two sides, front and back first. Then work your way around between those areas. This will keep your fabric centered so the pattern won’t move.
OK…the cushion was ready for reattachment. There are just 3 screws. Easy!
Paint was fully dry! And she looks better already!!!
Photo shoot in progress!
I love the delicate curved legs. However, she sits very sturdy.
And here she is sitting so pretty in our guest bathroom. I picked this chair up at an auction for just $5.00 and used all materials I already had to complete this makeover. It's so true what they say "Another man's junk is another man's treasure". Someone couldn't see the potential this stool still had. Now she's good for second lifetime of use! I just put her up for sale in my ebay shop. I'm sure she'll find a home to live happily ever after!
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  • Lisa Lisa on Oct 07, 2015
    Wow! Love it. Totally changes the look.

  • April McBride April McBride on Jun 04, 2017
    Looks great! Ended up with one like it after my parents died. It is in bad shape due to age and alot of use through many years. Had no use for it, but it has many memories so decided to store it in garage. You have inspired me to "pretty" it up and use it. Thank you!