DIY Large Paper Flowers (Wall Decor and Above Bed)

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My daughter's room has been under renovations for the last three years. The theme that I’m going for is a white, cream, and lavender feel. It’s been a journey to figure out what to put above her headboard.

For our little girl's bedroom, we wanted to decorate her wall that was pretty plain. We had it painted in an antique pearl lavender color, but we wanted something more.

As you can see, her wall was really bare!

This is what the room looked like before. I mean it was cute, but the walls definitely looked empty.
Then we added horizontal stripes. It was still missing something.
So I decided on doing some large paper crafts. There would be sets of large flowers and sets of small flowers. You can find the exact cardstock I used for her wall: .

I used cardstock! For the exact ones I used click here for the exact cardstock I used. For the large flowers, I had three sizes of paper.

Randomly cut up the papers.

Cut slits in them. Then hot glued them together.

It should look like this!

For the small flowers, I took a square paper and folded it up. I lightly traced how I was going to cut it.

Then used scissors to cut around it.

Crinkled up the paper.

Cut out and crinkled two additional square sheets for a total of three. Then glued a cute scrapbooking embellishment in the front of it.

Then did two additional sets! Clustered together, they look cute.

I used to hang them up DAMAGE FREE!!

Cute right? All for under $20!

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  • Joanie
    on Feb 19, 2018

    My granddaughter would LOVE this.....these are her colors!! Her Mom painted all her furniture white and did the wall in lavender. This is outstanding!! (I was lucky to sleep on an army cot at a very young age of 4,5,6 yrs. I was very happy though. Daddy built us a small cement block home. When we aged, he built our new house, everything was different. I had turned 12 and everything was CASH, no credit cards. His way, but as a Father he did everything for OUR family. He taught us the Values of life......Love and security, loyalty and survival. All showing his integrity as a Father, Man and Veteran.) Sorry, I got sidetracked. Memories flowing.

    • Jean
      on Feb 26, 2019

      What an awesome role model. I pray you followed him on the path he laid out for you all.

  • Dawn
    on Jul 5, 2018

    Im inspired! Saw a big very full rose in a shop the other day... Made with wallpaper. Ive been wondering how to do it ever since!

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