A Butterfly Feeder Jar

Make a butterfly feeder jar just in time for spring. Use an old jar or jug with a tight fitting lid. Embellish the jar with glass paints and stencils. Make a hole in the jar lid with a drill or nail and thread strings, a piece of fabric or sponge through the hole. Fill the jar with sugar water, add the lid and hang upside down. Butterflies will soon be stopping by for a sip of nectar. Decor
Paint an old jar or jug with glass paints.
Paint an old jar or jug with glass paints.
Create a hanger with string
Create a hanger with string
Use string, fabric or a piece of sponge inserted into the lid through a small hole.
Use string, fabric or a piece of sponge inserted into the lid through a small hole.
Fill with sugar water and hang upside down.
Fill with sugar water and hang upside down.
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  • GrannyB384
    on Apr 20, 2015

    Butterflies are not attracted to just sweet nectar/sugar water. I have noticed them drinking from moist areas in bare soil around our property here in northeast TN. They are seeking the minerals in the soil that are released when it rains. Strangely enough, they are also attracted to areas where an animal has urinated, also seeking the minerals and electrolytes that are in it. I would think that they would also be attracted to something like Pedialyte, which contains minerals and electrolytes. Using a shallow pan with about an inch or so of sand in it, kept moist with Pedialyte, would also be a good butterfly attractant. This kind of feeder cannot be left out in the open, though, as any rain will ruin it, so it must be put out under cover. After observing these butterflies feeding from the moist soils for the past 6 or 7 years, I am going to try making this 'mineral dish' feeder this year. The butterflies that I have observed feeding in these areas are tiny lavender butterflies, as well as the sulfur butterflies and a black one with iridescent turquoise on the upper side of their wings, plus a spot of orange. I do not know the name of these butterflies. Perhaps someone knows the name of the one I've described. I am also going to try this sweet nectar bottle design you have here this year. I always put out hummingbird feeders, but this will be the first time I will be trying the butterfly feeder. If any of you decide to try the 'mineral dish' feeder, please let me know what kind of results you have with it. I will come back and report my results later, too. Happy butterfly watching to all of you!!!

    • Jacquelyne May
      on Aug 12, 2018

      Our small beach town has had a drive to plant Milkweed and other plants that attract butterflies. It has been so wonderful seeing beautiful butterflies return to the area.

      Granny, thanks for your information!

      Are you thinking of putting Pedialyte in your Butterfly feeder?

  • Dykaren
    on Apr 24, 2017

    That's adorable!

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