Diaper Box to Storage Box

If you've got kids in diapers, you've got access to a great storage tool that you probably didn't even know about! I kept using the boxes for boring storage until I figured out a way to dress them up--you'd never guess what's underneath!
Start with a large diaper box and cut off the flaps so you have just the sides and bottom left.
Then use spray adhesive to attach drop cloth canvas to the outside of the box, and fold some down into the box as well to get a nice covered edge.
Make it pretty by using craft paint and a stencil--or just make stripes by laying down painters tape and painting between.
I made chalkboard labels so I could customize each box, and change them if I needed also.
So much better than a plain box, right? Will you be making these storage boxes? Do you have any tips to make them better?
Visit the post link below for a few more details, and to see my game closet organization as well. Thanks!

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  • B'Ahava Designs
    B'Ahava Designs
    on Jan 5, 2016

    I used small flat boxes which I got for free from Sam's Club and wrapped them in adhesive backed fabric which I have had for a number of years.

    • Jewellmartin
      on May 30, 2017

      Sounds great. I am familiar with Contact paper, but not adhesive-based fabric. Is it sold by the yard, or in a package? I'd like to find it. Best wishes 😇
  • Martha Kovacik
    Martha Kovacik
    on Jan 6, 2016

    Could boxes also be covered with flannel-backed tablecloths bought at a dollar store? Multiple colors/ prints & can be wiped off easily. Saves having to decorate them by hand. I've also been able to find ready-made chalkboard labels.

    • Nic4831009
      on Nov 23, 2016

      also have used spray paint or latex wall paint on cardboard boxes

  • Dos8326571
    on Aug 8, 2016

    How do you make a lid for one of these neat boxes?

    • Jewellmartin
      on May 30, 2017

      ONE WAY is to plan ahead. Instead of opening the diaper box by the flaps, measure down three inches from the top, making little dots every three inches. Use a pencil to draw a vertical line through all the dots. Then use a box cutter or pair of heavy scissors to carefully cut the top off the box Following the pencil line. Keep the top separate. (Now, either wait until you use all the diapers, or remove the diapers from the box.) On the base of the box, near each top corner, cut down about three inches. This will allow all four sides to bend in slightly. Now paint, paper, or paste the base, and then the top, to please yourself. The top should fit the box just fine.
      EVEN SIMPLER, don't open the diaper box. Use a box cutter or strong scissors to cut THREE sides of the box top. Use Duck tape or binding tape to hold all of the flaps together on top. Use Duck or binding tape to reinforce the side of the top you did not cut. Open the lid and reinforce the lid on the inside.
      Whichever method you used to make a lid, you can use the packs of diapers out of the box, or you can stack the diapers elsewhere and finish your decorated storage box. Best wishes😇

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  • Vos21311394
    on Dec 15, 2017

    Wallpaper found for next to nothing at thrift stores c!an work well for this also. Check thrift stores for that and all sorts of fabrics in the form of drapes, bedspreads, table cloths, shower curtains, throws. Something for any theme under the sun will show up soone!r or later.
  • Katie Walling
    Katie Walling
    on Aug 7, 2020

    This is a great idea!!!!

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